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Glasses and Citizenship

I forgot to mention I got new glasses yesterday. The grade on the right one has gone up while the left one has gone down. The doc told me to try “patching”, meaning to cover my right eye to start making my left eye more independent.

See, I got this lazy eye, where I would look out from afar, and you will see my left eye do a thing of its own: straying to the left. My right eye is dominant because I use it all the time than my left. I believe it’s hereditary because my mom has it, and 2 of my sisters have it as well.

Mom and Lolo (Tagalog term for grandfather) arrived at the Philippines safely. Boy, they’re going to have a good time! I sure wish I could’ve gone with them. Soon, soon!

Also, in other news, my sister and I are about to apply for U.S. Citizenship. We’re eligible, since we have been green card holders for quite some time. I do have to research on it, and just looking at the stuff on the website gives me a headache. I think I’ll look more into it on the weekend.

1 thought on “Glasses and Citizenship”

  1. Eye patching…

    Oy, I remember having to do that when I was little. It didn’t have any effect on my left eye, but then I’ve always had ocular vision. (So much for making one eye more independent…) It’s annoying, but if you can SEE out of your left eye, it’s worth a shot.

    Good luck on the applications. :) *crosses fingers*

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