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The Definition of Bored

It was interesting to find that has these noun definitions for the word “bored”:

  1. A hole or passage made by or as if by use of a drill.
  2. A hollow, usually cylindrical chamber or barrel, as of a firearm.
  3. The interior diameter of a hole, tube, or cylinder.
  4. The caliber of a firearm.
  5. A drilling tool.

So, where is the definition of the feeling bored, the state of ennui? Apparently, “ennui” has the right definition for being bored. But why didn’t they put it in the “bored” area?

Totally interesting what you come up with stuff when you’re bored.

6 thoughts on “The Definition of Bored”

  1. That’s odd. I didn’t even know ‘bored’ had all those other meanings XD Technically they should include that meaning since ‘boredom’ can be found as “The condition of being bored; ennui.”

  2. lol!!! This makes me laugh Leiza.

    Fun! And a good question, at least in my mind.

    That’s a very interesting question though since it seems they have the transitive for there (the first definitions given) but make no mention that the word bore as a transitive verb means to cause to feel boredom. At least this is the case in the Merriam Webster dictionary, as there likely should be in other dictionaries, I just haven’t looked.

    So, if he bores (transitive verb), much as the shelf holds (transitive verb), we should be able to be bored by he who bores, and held by that which holds. No?

    I think your dictionary is incomplete, or, I am missing something. And if I’m missing something, I dearly, dearly want to know the answer. At least in this case, because this is interesting. :D

  3. But why didn’t they put it in the “bored” area?

    Perhaps you should have scrolled down to Bore^2:

    tr.v. bored, bor·ing, bores
    To make weary by being dull, repetitive, or tedious: The movie bored us.

    One that is wearingly dull, repetitive, or tedious.

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