Rock My World

I had two inter-connecting dreams yesterday that it kinda threw me off. They are still imbedded in my mind. The first one felt so real. The second one was almost as real, but I knew I was in a different place.

I am at a loss sometimes when I get these dreams. It’s like being in a movie, or watching a movie. Lucien is the only one I can tell them to since most of the dreams are still fresh and he’s just beside me, and when I try to write them down on paper or online, they just don’t seem to come out right as I picture them.

Have you ever had recurring dreams? When I was young, everytime I had a high fever, I would always get two dreams:

» I would be in the dark, and would hear some people whispering in the background. The whispers turn to murmurs and eventually gets louder and louder until I scream.

» Something out of an Indiana Jones movie, I would be chased by this big boulder behind me in a narrow street with street lamps on each side. I keep running yet I cannot escape the inevitable.

Dreams. Part of your subconscious and maybe, your soul.

4 thoughts on “Rock My World”

  1. Dreams are definitely apart of your soul. I once had a dream that this girl at my school (whom I didn’t know at the time) was going to come between my boyfriend and I.

    Two years later, that happened exactly.

    I love flying dreams the best. :)

    When I was little, I had a reacurring dream that I was in some castle with large neon-colored ants, and many people I knew throughout my childhood are present in it. It was odd. ^^;

      1. Yeah, me too sometimes. Oo, the weirdest is when you dream that you’ve waken up to do something but you haven’t woken up yet.

        I once dreamed that I woke up and missed my shower so when I actually woke up, I was like “goddamnit…” but it turned out that I still had plenty of time. ;_;

      2. Haha, I had a lot of experiences on those. I think the cause is the snooze button. :P

        And when you dream about going to pee…you’re in big trouble. ^_^

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