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Saturday Happenings

I think I’ll put in highlights only, because I don’t feel like talking up a storm:

Went to a birthday party.
It was also a celebration of other October birthday celebrators and anniversaries.
We were on time. The others came in an hour or so later.
We watched TFC (The Filipino Channel)! It rocks, hahaha!
There was barbecue and brazo de mercedes, mmmm.
Mom taught some of the people some salsa.
I only danced a bit. Other people thought that was unfair (because I didn’t dance that much with them).
I sang a song on the karaoke as part of a request from a friend.
One of my friends’ baby son has grown quite a bit.
Poor guy couldn’t sleep from all the ruckus we were causing.
My other friend’s baby girl is quite a handful; she picked up everything in sight.
I noticed that the house we went to wasn’t baby-proof (glass tables and breakables within reach).
I played X-Men Legends with the host’s 11-year-old son for a bit.
Got lost a bit going home, but all our guesswork paid off.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Happenings”

  1. Your journal was temporarily down for a while or I would have told you sooner that it seems you had a lovely weekend. Karaoke machines are hilarious. My sister in law has a neighbor who has no shame in singing on it OFTEN & LOUDLY. When we visit we get quite the laugh :)

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