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Hi, hi. It’s been a while. Thought you’d might like to know how things went last week.

We tried to find out the gender for the baby, but apparently it was shy to show us what was between the legs. :P Oh well. My doc also told me that I’m going to have ultrasound every visit now since I have high blood pressure and because they want to monitor me. I guess that’s a good thing since I see her in 3 weeks and again, hopefully we’ll see the gender that time. I also have yet to enroll for birthing classes. I guess that would be my priority come Wednesday or Thursday this week.

I went to court with Luci for the speeding. I was a little nervous, because I’ve never been in this situation before. The past two speeding tickets was taken care of with either a deferred adjudication or a lawyer’s representation. This time I was on my own…with Luci’s moral support, of course. So we were there, and at first the cop that pulled me over wasn’t there, but then I wasn’t sure which one was him other than knowing his last name and that he was Hispanic. There was a prosecutor that did the preliminaries and offered to lower fines and/or deferred adjudication (DA). At first, when I was called, I told her that I didn’t want to go ahead with the lowered fine and/or DA which would result in me appearing before the judge. At that time, I still wasn’t sure if the cop was there. After everyone was called, the prosecutor counted all the files and mentioned the cop’s name and gestured to one of cops hanging around in the background, and I was sure then he was there. I decided I didn’t want to stay there anymore, so I went and told the prosecutor that I would go with the DA. And that’s that.

Lani’s vet appointment went well. When I drove to the vet’s office, I noticed that the gas prices were getting high again ($2.19). After an hour, I looked in disbelief and saw that the prices went high again to $2.23; in the span of a hour. *sigh*

Anyways, that’s about it. Ta.

7 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. Hehe. Leiza the drag racer. The movie, Eat My Dust comes to mind.

    Please excuse my ignorance though. Why did you have to go to court? In Canada, one goes to court for refusing to pay the fine. You can get legal aid if you cannot afford a lawyer. Did you go to court for refusing to pay? Sorry, I just don’t hear of things like that, that often.

    Oh, and on gas prices :o :o :o… I reckon those have become akin to the stock market in terms of volatility. And I SERIOUSLY wonder how much stock market type conspiracy is behind it all. Sure, every time we suffer an environmental disaster they go up, but still. I wonder. :o

    1. LOL, the nurse was so frustrated in looking for the gender that she just kept saying, “I don’t know! It’s a baby!”

      Yep, baby’s doing fine and lookin’ good. Thanks for asking. ;)

  2. A message

    For those of you who knew him, Todd Sawyer (aka Todda to many) was been a dear and close friend of mine.
    It may come as a shock to you who have shared the privlege of his friendhsip, that Todd passed away this last weekend.
    The details I have are not medically exact as they are through a source who contacted me late Sunday night, however it was a medical condition in his heart – a hole in a valve as I understand it – that was the cataclysm of the attack which seemed to have taken him in his sleep.
    There will be a funeral service on Friday January 20th 2006 in Edmonton, Alberta. If anyone would like details to attend please contact me via email at

    My warmest thoughts and wishes are with the family and friends out there who are grieving along with us.

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