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Before Sunrise

How many of you have watched this movie? A tale of two people (Ethan Hawke and Julia Delpy) meeting on a train, spending the day, their only day, together, and falling in love.

I saw this before, but it was one of those times I was skimming through channels. I saw the part, where Ethan was trying to convince the bartender to give them a bottle of red wine for free because he didn’t have any money at the time. He sounded desperate, which seemed to me that he wanted to ‘jump’ this girl’s bones. At least, that was my impression of the scene. I said to myself, “not another sex drama”. So, I changed the channel.

Yesterday, I was skimming through channels again, and saw the start of a movie. “Before Sunrise” it said. Hm, looked interesting. So, I watched it. It gripped me to my seat. How can something so simple as two people talking to each other, getting to know one another, spilling their secrets, revealing their inner being make this movie so impeccably real? It was truly a masterpiece. And to think I had skipped this movie the other day. I guess it was just as well, since I didn’t see the beginning of the movie. How fortunate for me to see this whole movie at all.

It makes me think of writers who express their thoughts through paper, of regular people who tell others what happened to their day through blogs, of insights and sounds they feel of life throughout life. It’s uncanny, to see this in a movie I thought was a sex drama. How wrong I was. At the end of the movie, they promised to see each other again, for they had fallen in love, in six months’ time. I wonder if that really happened.

Anyway, I heard there was a sequel to this. Ethan meets Julia again nine years (not six months) later. I have to see what happens.

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