Filipina. Multitasker. Daydreamer. Food lover. Shy. Loner. Cool. Socialist. Contradiction. Listener. Singer. Writer. Think God. Optimistic. Thinker. Cheerful. Married. Loved. Quiet. Loud. Laughter. Tears.

The Name. I Have Cramps came to be when a couple of female friends talked about female-related problems (having babies, irregular periods, etc.). More here.

A Simple Girl. Me. I always think of myself as a simple girl with simple tastes, but what does the term “simple” mean for me?  Being simple means:

  • never complicated
  • takes things in perspective
  • being practical
  • if I can do it, you can do it
  • experiment
  • life is an adventure (whether it be good or bad situations)
  • lover of gadgets ;)
  • lover of all things new and old
  • appreciation for music of all genres (or at least I try)

More? Here’s a more in-depth look of me:

My name is Leiza (pronounced like Liza Minelli). My full first name on my birth certificate is Leiza Katrina. I don’t use Katrina much, and most of my former professors were the only ones using that name (they can’t pronounce Leiza very well). I was told that Leiza was a combination of both my paternal and maternal grandmothers (though I’m not sure if that’s true). Katrina was a name my parents liked when they first heard it in Moscow, Russia.

I’m the youngest of 5 (1 brother and 3 other sisters). I’m a Filipino. I am married to a wonderful man, Lucien. He comes from an Irish/American Indian background. We have three daughters.  We live in Irving, Texas.

I have a musically-inclined family. My dad is an opera singer – a tenor. My mom is a coloratura soprano. I have relatives that play the violin, piano, flute, among others. My siblings used to be part of an international children’s choir. I myself play the piano, guitar, drums, and some wind instruments. I also sing, which is more my genre. I used to sing in an all-Filipino ethnic rock alternative band called isLa. I was also part of a Filipino culture group called Filipino Folk Arts Theatre, Inc.

I don’t like frills. I’m not into makeup, I rarely use it and only for certain occasions. I’m lazy, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I love food, almost anything I can eat. I love computers, web design, and maintaining websites (you may find other sites I maintain on The Other Me(s)). I’m fortunate enough to be working in a computer-related environment. I love to write. I’m moody. I’m a stickler for typos (if you see anything here let me know, lol).

Recently, I’ve been playing RPG online games. It’s fun and it gives you inspiration to write imaginative articles. I play them when I can spare the time. I go by a lot of names: LeiLuc, ChunTaiLi, Aola, LuShen, Leison, Linoi, Lanai, Aziel, and even my real name.

That about sums it up a bit. Thank you for visiting and I hope you visit again soon.