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Need Ideas

Well, I purchased this domain: when my friend Jamie and I talked a while back about female-related problems (e.g. the menstrual cycle). Soon, this site will go live, but I have no idea what to put in it. Jamie said something about making it a community blog for other women to post (they can be anonymous) in about their problems. I don’t know, though. What will I put in there? I need ideas. Any suggestions welcome.

1 thought on “Need Ideas”

  1. Well, given the name of the site, perhaps it could be a place where female people can help each other out with a variety of life issues. Certainly, there might be restrictions, or, guidelines on the types of issues, but, helpful community forums where everyone participates are somehow appealing, neh?

    Otherwise, given the name, it could be a comedy hour type site? :D

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