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It’s Friday already?!

I can’t believe how this week has flown by so fast. Last week, however, felt like it dragged on and on.

Lucien and I met Jennifer at the airport today. We were waiting for her in the wrong terminal, as she had to go to a connecting flight to Sacramento. So, we kinda wasted about an hour of her 2-hour layover waiting at the wrong terminal. I was about ready to give up, but Lucien, bless him, insisted on me trying the paging system for the 3rd and last time. Sure enough, that’s when we found that she was already on another terminal, waiting for her connecting flight. So, we rushed over there and finally got to meet her face-to-face. A darling girl. :)

Afterwards, we went out to eat at a mall’s foodcourt, which was 5 minutes away. There was this guy giving food samples of their restaurant and we were hooked on getting lunch there. As we ate, we watched him as he went through the crowds, offering food samples. We were in total awe on how he sold his restaurant, as the lines became longer and longer. No doubt, it was good food.

Went home, took a nap, and got ready for work. Now, I can’t wait to get out of work, and look forward to two lazy days… my weekend.

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