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The House Blessing

It’s been pretty boring lately, but I can’t complain. Everything’s “as good as it gets”. (Beware: the next paragraphs sound like a bored commentator in a chess game tournament.)

Last Saturday’s house blessing was a blast. Things were a little rushed at first, as I struggled with procrastination trying to get things ready for the guests. I moped around the computer, did a little bit of cleaning and started skewering my barbecue by 10am.

Around 11am, I still wasn’t done with the barbecue sticks. I also still had to deal with the sinigang for my mom before she came in. I was actually boiling the water for the soup when my mom came in.

As we started getting food ready, we realized that we didn’t have enough plates for the guests. I had to leave a message to Lucien to get some before he comes home.

This was also the first time to use the barbecue grill, so out I went to try it out. Boy, the barbecue was really good. Too bad it was cooked too soon before the guests arrived. My mom thought it would be wise to put some hotdogs on the grill as well for the kids that will be coming in. We put some corn in as well.

Lucien came just in time before the guests came in and thought it would be great to have our games out for the kids, to keep them entertained. So, he took out our old Playstation console and some other board games.

So, the guests started arriving. My friends were kind enough to help out in the cooking and preparing. One of my friends’ husband was nice enough to take over the barbecue grill for me so I can get the other stuff ready.

The house blessing itself was divine. I was actually touched from all the love I felt within the house…where everybody, including the kids, participated. I thought it was perfect.

I had a good time socializing with some friends I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s been nice reminiscing about past events and how we have progressed throughout the years. It was a shame that everybody had to leave after a few hours.

My mom and another close friend stayed behind and helped clean up. It was nice to know that there are some people you can rely on. We relaxed by the patio afterwards with some jazz music and coffee. All in all, it was a good day.

Good news for today: we finally got our cable internet going. Whee! :)

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It’s Friday already?!

I can’t believe how this week has flown by so fast. Last week, however, felt like it dragged on and on.

Lucien and I met Jennifer at the airport today. We were waiting for her in the wrong terminal, as she had to go to a connecting flight to Sacramento. So, we kinda wasted about an hour of her 2-hour layover waiting at the wrong terminal. I was about ready to give up, but Lucien, bless him, insisted on me trying the paging system for the 3rd and last time. Sure enough, that’s when we found that she was already on another terminal, waiting for her connecting flight. So, we rushed over there and finally got to meet her face-to-face. A darling girl. :)

Afterwards, we went out to eat at a mall’s foodcourt, which was 5 minutes away. There was this guy giving food samples of their restaurant and we were hooked on getting lunch there. As we ate, we watched him as he went through the crowds, offering food samples. We were in total awe on how he sold his restaurant, as the lines became longer and longer. No doubt, it was good food.

Went home, took a nap, and got ready for work. Now, I can’t wait to get out of work, and look forward to two lazy days… my weekend.

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Night and Day

Woke up early. Somehow I was in a half awake/half asleep mode and started thinking of the site I was working on last night. Did a RP book, which, hopefully, takes off nicely. There were these bunch of kids that started one at the The Geek Forums and thought it would be a good idea putting up the site for them, and everybody else can make up their own chapter.

So, now, I’m staring at the computer screen and listening to my Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey album. The Night and Day song is our (Lucien and I) song. :P This music is so relaxing for some reason. I used to think I would have probably liked to live in the 40’s (sans the war, of course) and just listen to the old songs. Nothing like good old fashioned music.

Talked to Jennifer. She’s in New Orleans! To those that don’t know her, she’s my in-game daughter in Nexus, a game I played about a year ago. She said that she’ll stop by Dallas on Friday, so I’m thinking of stopping by since she has a 2 hour layover and I don’t have to work until later. So, I hope I don’t forget!

Talked to Arvin again on MSN. He showed me his webcam! Gosh, he’s so grown up. He doesn’t look goofy anymore, hehehe! He said that he’ll be meeting up with Gayle and hopefully Luke, if they ever get a hold of him. Talked to Gayle, too, last night, with a lot of interruptions on the side. Oh well, but at least I got to talk to her. Miss the old crowd! Arvin, Gayle, and Luke were part of the church youth group I was in back in the Philippines. Arvin is my cousin’s cousin, but still consider him family. Luke, was my first ever boyfriend, but we are still friends. Gayle is his sister, a great, great, great friend of mine. Luke, Gayle and I were like a singing trio back in the days. If we ever get together again, we’ll do a jamming session together. That would be sweet!

Okay, will try to scrounge up some food and get ready for work now. Lates.