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Funny Customer Service Anecdote

So, I was chatting with a co-worker tonight and he told me a funny true-to-life customer service situation he had experienced in his nine years of customer service.

This lady called him and said that her keyboard doesn’t work. He went through the steps of troubleshooting her issue:

  • was the keyboard plugged to the PC?
  • did she try to reboot her PC?
  • is there a loose or open wire on her keyboard cable?
  • when did the trouble start?

and so on. She said she did all those and explained it worked for a while and then stopped working.

So, my co-worker (I will call him A) sent a tech onsite to help hands-on. The tech called him back a half and hour later and this is how the conversation started.

Tech: Man, you won’t believe this.
A: What happened?
Tech: You just can’t believe what she did.
A: Did you fix it?
Tech: Yeah, I fixed it. *still has a shocked voice*
A: What was the problem?
Tech: She took out all the character keys out and put them in alphabetical order!

Imagine my ROFLMAO! It was hilarious! This was the first time I’ve heard this type of situation! It was too funny not to share. :)

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I’m Walking Heah!

Lucien and the kids were watching a movie, and one of the actors said in a New York accent, "I'm walking heah (here)!" Dani asked what that phrase meant, and Lucien said, "That's what they say in New York. In Texas, it means 'Excuse me.'" Imagine my laughter!

And so, Dani said afterwards when she bumped into Lucien, "I'm walking here, buddy!" Lucien had to explain again that that's what they say in New York, but we are in Texas now, so she has to say "Excuse me!" Hahaha!
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ROFL. An old post from my old blog back in 2003.

I was looking through my old posts in LJ looking for some book review I did way back then and I saw this. This is soooo funny to read. Also annoying. :P Posted on Nov. 5th, 2003 at 01:45 am

Okay, just because I was bored, and decided to look into a chat room, this guy comes along and ruins my day: 

NineDayys [1:25 AM]: single?
Leiza [1:25 AM]: no i’m married :) 
NineDayys [1:25 AM]: kids?
Leiza [1:25 AM]: none yet 
NineDayys [1:25 AM]: open-minded?
Leiza [1:25 AM]: like how? 
NineDayys [1:25 AM]: casual dating and being discreet about it?
Leiza [1:25 AM]: nah 
Leiza [1:26 AM]: i’m faithful 
NineDayys [1:26 AM]: we all say that
Leiza [1:26 AM]: and i mean it 
NineDayys [1:26 AM]: are u pinay?
Leiza [1:26 AM]: yep 
NineDayys [1:26 AM]: where were you born?
Leiza [1:26 AM]: philippines 
NineDayys [1:27 AM]: okay so how long have u been living here?
Leiza [1:27 AM]: about 7 years 
NineDayys [1:27 AM]: tell me ur married to a white guy, right?
Leiza [1:27 AM]: correct 
NineDayys [1:28 AM]: okay, i’m a guy, and i know what guys do whether they be faithful or not.
Leiza [1:28 AM]: and what is that 
NineDayys [1:28 AM]: oh c’mon dont be so naive
Leiza [1:28 AM]: sorry i guess i am..indulge me 
NineDayys [1:29 AM]: i dont want to go through every single details but having casual sex is the nature of men
Leiza [1:32 AM]: i guess so, but not all men are unfaithful 
Leiza [1:33 AM]: they are only unfaithful because they are not satisfied in bed with their wives..and i do that perfectly for my husband..he has no complaints 
NineDayys [1:33 AM]: we all say that but dont be so naive
Leiza [1:33 AM]: i’m not 
Leiza [1:33 AM]: and you’re just being an ass 
NineDayys [1:34 AM]: look, i’m not disagreeing with you but i’m a man and i know what men do
Leiza [1:34 AM]: i think you’re more naive than you pose to bee 
Leiza [1:34 AM]: yeah, then you haven’t met my man yet 
NineDayys [1:34 AM]: well ur either stupid or just fresh from the boat
NineDayys [1:34 AM]: no offense
Leiza [1:34 AM]: i’m not stupid..i’m just very lucky 
NineDayys [1:34 AM]: lucky to be thinking that way maybe…
Leiza [1:35 AM]: and i guess you just haven’t found the right girl to be faithful with 
Leiza [1:35 AM]: no ..not’s a FACT 
NineDayys [1:35 AM]: i’ve been there…done it all
Leiza [1:35 AM]: not really, cuz you haven’t found the right one 
NineDayys [1:35 AM]: for u to say that ur man is faithful i think is a joke
Leiza [1:35 AM]: don’t put others down just cuz you haven’t found the right booty 
Leiza [1:35 AM]: then I’m sorry for you because of your cynicism 
NineDayys [1:36 AM]: i’m not putting you down or anything like that
Leiza [1:36 AM]: i just hope you do find the right girl…but you know what..I hope not 
NineDayys [1:36 AM]: why do you think foreigners go to the Phils?
Leiza [1:36 AM]: well it seems like you don’t even try defending yourself 
NineDayys [1:36 AM]: answer me
Leiza [1:36 AM]: he never went to the Philippines 
NineDayys [1:37 AM]: i bet…
Leiza [1:37 AM]: it’s the truth 
Leiza [1:37 AM]: we met here in the US 
NineDayys [1:37 AM]: denial maybe but not the truth…
Leiza [1:37 AM]: why do you think all Pinays are mail-order brides 
Leiza [1:37 AM]: denial maybe for you but not for me 
Leiza [1:37 AM]: you stereotype Pinays like they are the sluts of the earth..don’t even try that with me 
NineDayys [1:38 AM]: lol, ur totally out of context now
Leiza [1:38 AM]: whatever 
Leiza [1:38 AM]: that’s what you’ve been thinking all along 
NineDayys [1:39 AM]: newsflash for you: sex is natural for men whether they be faithful or not
NineDayys [1:39 AM]: okay, so dont give me that crap bout ur man being honest and faithful
Leiza [1:39 AM]: lol..of course, sex is natural for is for women too…and it doesn’t mean they have to be unfaithful 
Leiza [1:39 AM]: well he is 
NineDayys [1:40 AM]: u still dont get it at all
NineDayys [1:40 AM]: gosh how could u be so naive
Leiza [1:40 AM]: oh i get it all right…it’s YOU who doesn’t get it. you have cynicism in your heart and you think all men are pigs..well they’re not 
Leiza [1:41 AM]: i think you are the naive one 
NineDayys [1:41 AM]: look, i have nothing against you personally, but i guess you have to defend ur man in order to be with him otherwise u wont be able to stay here in america
Leiza [1:41 AM]: hahahaha 
Leiza [1:41 AM]: how funny 
NineDayys [1:41 AM]: is that why?
Leiza [1:41 AM]: nope 
Leiza [1:42 AM]: i arrived in the US legitimately..and with no help from my husband 
NineDayys [1:42 AM]: are u one of those mail order bribes who married an aging foreigner in order to get a green card?
Leiza [1:42 AM]: lol not even close 
Leiza [1:42 AM]: see? i told you you stereotype Pinays 
NineDayys [1:42 AM]: i think ur one of them
Leiza [1:42 AM]: well you’re wrong and i don’t have to justify myself to you 
NineDayys [1:43 AM]: otherwise u wouldn’t be online looking for a real ‘man”
Leiza [1:43 AM]: who said i was looking for a real man? what a joke 
NineDayys [1:43 AM]: if you had a man u wouldn’t be online honey…
Leiza [1:43 AM]: i think you’re the one looking for a “real woman” 
Leiza [1:43 AM]: can’t i just be online and just be that? i’m not looking for a man..sorry 
NineDayys [1:43 AM]: maybe but it’s okay for men
Leiza [1:43 AM]: whatever 
Leiza [1:44 AM]: you’re just wasting my time…thank you for the chat, but i have no time for you 
NineDayys [1:44 AM]: u find ur life so miserable and how do u ventilate? By going online of course…
NineDayys [1:44 AM]: dont u think i know that?
NineDayys [1:44 AM]: good luck

I think he’s just lonely. Boohoo! I pity him, really.

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Amusing Thing

I have a somewhat shallow sense of humor. Almost anything will make me laugh if it tickles my bones.

One in particular, today, was when I was on my way to pick up some lunch. There was this guy in a motorcycle “crotch rocket” type, and I noticed I could almost see a plumber’s crack.

I kinda snickered and checked to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, right when the stoplight turned red. But just as I was going to glance towards him, he turned and looked my way. It was as if he felt I was looking at him. Of course, I turned away just as he did that.

What amused me was the fact that I turned away like that, and also the fact I even tried to check if he was showing a plumber’s crack. Maybe he felt a breeze back there. I didn’t bother to check again. The light had already turned green.


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It’s Gonna Take Some Time, This Time

I think it’s about time for a journal entry, donchatink? Thought I’d start with a nice title to this entry, from a song by The Carpenters (love Karen!).

Well, it has been a busy 2 weeks for me. After an exhausting drive from Texas to Indiana (Luci drove most of the way, of course), we finally met our destination. Dani wasn’t really that bad of a traveler. She slept most of the way, and believe me she had better sleeping ‘quarters’ than we had, and only woke up for feeding and changing. She wasn’t really that fussy either. Tips for new parents: driving is the best way to get the baby to sleep! :D

Luci and I got there Saturday morning from driving all night Friday. We were so excited that we weren’t even tired after the long drive because we wanted to catch up with everyone. It was really nice to finally meet some of my paternal grandmother’s side of the family. There was an uncle and an aunt that I only knew from old pictures (and they only knew me when I was a baby like Dani). There were some cousins that I haven’t seen in years, and cousins that I met for the first time. I must say, it’s so heartwarming to just be in the midst of family that you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s like going back to the Philippines and seeing my siblings again. Ang sarap talaga (it really feels good).

We had lunch at a park and had some games like Water Balloon Toss and there was a history game about Israel that was very informative. This was also the first time that my dad and everyone got to see my daughter since she was born. We also did a dedication for Dani, sort of a baptism but instead of water, it’s with laying of the hands. It was so touching I couldn’t help but cry, even though I tried to hide it. *sniff* *sniff*

Here’s a nice picture of Dani with a pretty flower growing in my uncle’s backyard:

My family can really be good:
VEV Reunion 2006 001

And they can be crazy, too:
VEV Reunion 2006 002

On Sunday, we did a family mini-concert in my uncle’s church (he’s the senior pastor there). I have pretty talented relatives, I tell you! Love it. :) They made a video of it in Windows Media format. If you want to see it, I might have to ask permission from the others if it’s okay. After the concert, more catching up with each other, getting to know one another, making lifelong new friends. Good times. :) It’s just too bad we had to leave that evening.

When we drove back, Luci drove for a while but got tired. I think our tiredness finally caught up to us, because when I took over, I was only able to drive 60 miles and I had to pull over to take a nap along with Luci. And what a nap it was: 2 hours! We finally woke back up and Luci drove the rest of the way, while I sat in the back taking care of Dani. When we got home, we definitely crashed, but it was all worth it. The reunion was definitely not to be missed! I can’t wait for the next one. :)

I’m also back at work. Nothing has really changed while I was gone, if there was some changes done, they didn’t affect what I was currently doing, which was cool. Everyone was glad that I was back. Of course, I had to show off some baby pictures. :) I also had my annual employee evaluation done and yay, I get a promotion! Thank God for blessings. :) Anyway, because of work, I have to drop off Dani at my mom’s office to have someone look after her for a few hours and then Luci can pick her up after he gets off work since he works 9 to 5 now. It’s a really good set-up because I only get to have someone look after Dani only on Mondays and Tuesdays and I get to watch her on Wednesday to Friday, then Luci watches her from Saturday to Sunday when I’m at work. Everything works out fine. I just have to keep up with it with my insomnia and all kicking in again.

I was a little bit worried about my hair falling out lately, sometimes in clumps. After searching through the web, I realized that it’s normal for hair loss 3 months after delivery, which is about where I am, and affects about 50% of women and is due to the hormonal changes that my body is going through. Whew! I thought I was going to go bald soon! As this article says, “remember this is a temporary situation and the good news is that as each hair falls out, a new one begins to grow. “ Yay!

My website is down again after another hacker infiltrated it. My fellow moderators and I have decided to take it down for a bit. I have also talked to my web host to totally clean out the files I had in there and recreate the account for me so we could start over. (And yes, backups were done before the clean up.) Hopefully, the site will be back up again in a few days’ time. I’m waiting on confirmation from my fellow colleagues on further steps we’re deciding on. The Geek Staff, you know who you are (check your email, please, and respond as needed), hehe.

Prayers are needed again as we are still in a bit of a financial slump. Being off work for a long time hasn’t helped that much either, even though I was still paid with some of my vacation pay. Just hoping there will be at least a big break where we can catch up to some of our bills. Ah, such is life!

That’s it for now. Good day to y’all.