Officially Official

So, they’ve (work) been saying this for months now, since the start of the Service Desk (SD) move back in November last year that my department (OPS) is FINALLY moving to the SD location. I knew it was inevitable. Despite our protests, negotiations, and discussions (MEETINGS!), we will still be moving. And that move starts […]


So, I finally got some posts from my Livejournal blog imported to here. Wow, I didn’t think I had so many posts and from way back in 2003! I was reading some of them and I must say they are pretty interesting. Lots of dream posts, too. On another note, I have barely slept. I […]

“Living The Dream”

As I was going up the elevator to the second floor where I work, I had a little how-dee-do with one of my co-workers: Him: “Hi, how are ya?” Me: “I’m good. How about you?” Him: “Oh, just living the dream.” Living the dream?  I asked him what his dream was, and he said vaguely […]

Quietly Sits On Her Cubicle

Random blog title, I know. Just thought I’d spice it up a bit, other than the usual “Updates” or “What I Did Today” stuff. (I was going to put in “crap” instead of “stuff” but I gots family that reads this, so there. Eep! Family, don’t read this parenthesis part! *sigh* Too late.) Anyways, as […]