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Quietly Sits On Her Cubicle

Random blog title, I know. Just thought I’d spice it up a bit, other than the usual “Updates” or “What I Did Today” stuff. (I was going to put in “crap” instead of “stuff” but I gots family that reads this, so there. Eep! Family, don’t read this parenthesis part! *sigh* Too late.)

Anyways, as I was about to say, I thought I’d update again on this blog of mine.

Remember on my last entry, that I took a sleeping pill that night? Not recommended for me, or at least not recommended to be taken after 1am (especially when I have to get up by 9am). The next day I was groggy and sleepy still and I had to get Luci drop me off at work. I was walking like a zombie that I had to sit and take a little nap to get off the grogginess. I wasn’t really “awake” until 1pm. I don’t even remember what I was doing from 11am to 1pm. I know I had to call John – my bro-in-law – at one point for an issue at work or something or the other. I don’t remember much of our conversation but he tells me some outrageous things that I know he’s joking around with me. Hehe, yes, it’s that bad. I think I’ll hold off taking sleeping pills for a while. That day wasn’t a pretty sight. :( I think it also caused me to get a sore throat which led to coughs and colds, too. Ugh. What a week.

Luci left today for Trinidad (ya know, Trinidad & Tobago? It’s in the Carribean somewhere). He’s helping out on a cargo flight for some kind of event that’s happening there – something to do with race cars. He’ll just be there for three days, but I’m already missing him. I think Dani’s missing him, too. She was extra fussy today, compared to yesterday where she was mellow and serene.

Speaking of Dani, I was making her laugh earlier this morning before I went to drop her off at the babysitter’s and then suddenly she made a panicked face and started spluttering and coughing and crying. I didn’t know what was happening and I was so worried. I tried consoling her and comforting her, all the while I was trying to figure out what was going on. I went up and down the stairs with her in tow to see what I could find to help console her. As I was going up the stairs holding on to her tummy, she suddenly let out a big burp. After that, she calmed down. I guess that was what was bothering her. Good thing it wasn’t too serious. *sigh of relief*

So, that’s the story of how my week went. Hope you had a better one.

2 thoughts on “Quietly Sits On Her Cubicle”

  1. Hey Leiza, you might want to try Melatonin to get a good nights sleep. Melatonin is made by your body when it is time to go to sleep so it is safe. Sometimes it gets out of whack and then you need to add some of your own.
    I buy mine at the dollar store lol 75 pills for $2 hehe
    I take 2 right before bed and then watch a lil tv or read and it seems to work wonders for me. Worth a try and healthier then sleeping pills :)

    1. Thanks, Twink. ;) I think I’ll hold off on any sleeping aid for now, though. I don’t think I can do it again since I’m breastfeeding.

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