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“Living The Dream”

As I was going up the elevator to the second floor where I work, I had a little how-dee-do with one of my co-workers:

Him: “Hi, how are ya?”
Me: “I’m good. How about you?”
Him: “Oh, just living the dream.”

Living the dream?  I asked him what his dream was, and he said vaguely that the dream is what you make it.  That made me wonder, as we walked out the elevator and I went to my work area.  Hm, what is my dream?

I guess I would say, being happy.  But that would be vague, right?  It could be anything and maybe everything you can think of.  If I would be more specific, I would say this:

Seeing my daughter’s eyes light up as I walk in the door.
A butterfly kiss.
A hug.
A simple touch on my hand, just telling me that he’s there.
A call from a long-lost friend.
Picture-taking with loved ones.
A stroll around the neighborhood.
Saying hi.
A smile.
Giggling so much you can’t stop.
Staying healthy.

There is so much more to “living the dream”.  How do you live yours?

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