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Changes and Stuff

Just wanted to tell everyone I’m still here. Since 2014 has started, I decided to make the one-photo-a-day challenge for this year. So keep an eye out on those posts from my Twitter feed on the sidebar of the blog. I am also trying to move my media blog to somewhere else than another WordPress site. I know, I know, I always change stuff. I need to stop! But I can’t! Hehehe! But anyway, I’m in the process of moving it from here to there.

In other news, I’ve been so busy at work. Operations is becoming more and more Service Desk, which makes me sad, and makes me so busy. And also, my manager wants to change my schedule. Again. Grrr. And yesterday, I learned a co-worker didn’t show up at all for the Operations shift! It doesn’t look like he was fired or anything, but this is the first time in my almost 13 years working here that a shift has not been covered. There’s something more going on in the “backend” that I am allowed to know. So much drama. I know more changes are coming. I think I’m going to wait it out for another 2 years and see if this job is still good for me. I’m not as happy as I was when we were still Operations. Maybe it’s time for a change soon. Sigh.

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Some More Work Drama

So, we had our first meeting of many meetings of how we can help improve what we do, etc. at work. I really don’t like meetings, but for me, I think this is like more of a social meeting. I don’t know why I think that, but it does help take out the “ugh, another meeting?!” feeling.

The team leader was asking what could be done to improve the SD/OPS team, so I suggested that B get a different phone JUST IN CASE, and I say JUST IN CASE for getting into SD calls. B butted in before I could finish not to involve her in any of that. What?! I understand that she does not like doing SD, but it’s not like we have to do it everyday. We are in AS NEEDED basis as far as SD calls are concerned and I just wanted to make things easier for us in the long run.

It totally pissed me off that she’s still acting like that when the rest of us are already doing it. She will eventually need to step up her game or “else”, at least from what I heard. It’s totally unfair that she’s the only one not even trying to learn or even helping out. There’s nothing in the world we can change unless our managers/directors change it. We are the underdogs and we really don’t have the power to change things. And with this new management, even if we voice our opinions, we still HAVE to do what they ask (tell) us to do.

Anyway, I’m totally expecting her to go off on me after other people are gone, but I won’t have none of that. I’m getting tired of her complaining she doesn’t want to do this and that. It’s like a broken record. A BROKEN RECORD SINCE NOVEMBER. She’s done the same kind of complaining before: when they moved us inside the Computer Room (or Data Center) and suffer the cold; when we moved to a totally different city location; when we moved to a different cubicle, and it goes on. She’s not a “Who Moved My Cheese?” kind of person. And this person has two degrees, I think even a Master’s degree (incredible, right.), and was a professor in DeVry University (glad I wasn’t there when she was). And, I don’t mean to boast, I am probably better skill-wise on this kind of job than her.

I should stop talking about her. I’m just so frustrated. I wish she would just accept what’s being handed to her and do her job. If she does quit or worse comes to shove, be fired, she won’t get paid the same amount of money she’s getting paid now. In my opinion, given the non-cooperativeness she’s doing right now, I think it will be better if she just quit. Because it’s giving me a headache. Even others around us are also feeling the strain of her complaints. I wouldn’t blame them.


I Have Been Violated! – A Rant

Yes, I was violated. I have been given a violation notice from NTTA of not paying toll when I have a toll tag. For $1 worth for each toll I went through, I was charged $25 administration fee each, totaling almost up to $350 which I have to pay. And I have a toll tag. I was violated, all right.

I later learned TxTag didn’t replenish my toll tag account, thus I had these bogus charges. I had to call TxTag and wonder why they didn’t replenish it, and they said they had trouble charging the CC I had in my account. I told them to try again because I was sure that I had money in there. Sure enough, it went through. Grr.

So now, I’m still communicating with NTTA through email and it’s been almost a month. And it turns out that NTTA and TxTag are two separate entities, because NTTA asked me to “ask for account verification” from TxTag. And I am sure they will still want me to pay this ridiculous amount just because of that part where they didn’t replenish my account. *sigh*

We’ll see what happens. I’m really fed up in talking to them, even through email.

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Was Going To Write About A Dream…

Man, that sucked. When I tried to get into my blog to write about a dream I had, all I saw was “THIS SITE HAS BEEN HACKED!” Ugh! Was I mad. And here I had to check which area in my website was hacked into and scrambled to update my passwords and such, only to find out that it was only my theme that was hacked into and not the others. Kind of a relief but still annoying. So now, I changed themes, with a little bubbly stuff on it.

So, about the dream. It was weird than most. It felt like a nightmare of sorts.

I felt like I was playing this game, a virtual reality RPG-style type, where I wandered around with a few friends in a house and I had the ability to fly and conjure some spirits to help me combat evil. We got to this house right, and for some reason I was alone (the others were somewhere else inside the house). I happened to turn a corner and saw this zombie-like guy (shaved head, had a big trenchcoat on) and I ran for it because he saw me.

He chased me around the house, then the house turned into a cave-like structure. I couldn’t seem to fly away from him since I have forgotten all reason as I was so scared. Then, he finally caught me and I fell on the floor, screaming for my life, and he bit on my leg and started sucking my life-force. Somehow, the pain I thought I was going to feel was nothing more but a little touch on the leg, and I went limp, then suddenly felt my body pucker up like a prune as my life-force was leaving me. Then nothing but black.

My game seems to have reset. I’m back at the house, and I turned around the corner again and there’s the zombie. This time, I try to be smart and conjured one of my spirits to deter him from catching me. I reach a bedroom and went under the bed, while conjuring up another warrior-like spirit. The zombie came in the bedroom in the meantime and he started looking around the room. He almost checked under the bed and then my warrior spirit appeared and killed him on the spot. I then woke up.

I still don’t know why I didn’t fly.

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Computer Blues

I’ve been having problems with my PC freezing up and it’s not fun.  Especially when it’s the most expensive computer purchase I’ve ever done and it’s not even a year old yet.

So, I’ve spent the past couple of hours talking to customer support and having them help me fix it.  We’ve done the Memory Diagnostic, the Flash BIOS, and even to the point of reimaging the system, but nothing works!  I’m so frustrated.

LoTRO is going live on the 24th, too.  Whatever will I do?

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Hi, hi. It’s been a while. Thought you’d might like to know how things went last week.

We tried to find out the gender for the baby, but apparently it was shy to show us what was between the legs. :P Oh well. My doc also told me that I’m going to have ultrasound every visit now since I have high blood pressure and because they want to monitor me. I guess that’s a good thing since I see her in 3 weeks and again, hopefully we’ll see the gender that time. I also have yet to enroll for birthing classes. I guess that would be my priority come Wednesday or Thursday this week.

I went to court with Luci for the speeding. I was a little nervous, because I’ve never been in this situation before. The past two speeding tickets was taken care of with either a deferred adjudication or a lawyer’s representation. This time I was on my own…with Luci’s moral support, of course. So we were there, and at first the cop that pulled me over wasn’t there, but then I wasn’t sure which one was him other than knowing his last name and that he was Hispanic. There was a prosecutor that did the preliminaries and offered to lower fines and/or deferred adjudication (DA). At first, when I was called, I told her that I didn’t want to go ahead with the lowered fine and/or DA which would result in me appearing before the judge. At that time, I still wasn’t sure if the cop was there. After everyone was called, the prosecutor counted all the files and mentioned the cop’s name and gestured to one of cops hanging around in the background, and I was sure then he was there. I decided I didn’t want to stay there anymore, so I went and told the prosecutor that I would go with the DA. And that’s that.

Lani’s vet appointment went well. When I drove to the vet’s office, I noticed that the gas prices were getting high again ($2.19). After an hour, I looked in disbelief and saw that the prices went high again to $2.23; in the span of a hour. *sigh*

Anyways, that’s about it. Ta.