Now, in Volkmar.

My guild has moved on to Order side for now. I’m in Volkmar server. I will miss my Zealot, though I might hop in on her once in a while. On the other hand, I’m enjoying the Runepriest a lot. It’s the mirror of Zealot so I don’t mind it so much. Also trying out the Swordmaster – I think I’m a tank at heart, since I like to charge at people. I’m so torn between the two now. We’ll see. I know the guild needs a healer more than a tank, though. We have enough tanks in the guild.

Nothing much else to say. See ya.


WarHammer Online Review

Well, I guess I should post on what I like about WarHammer Online so far. I spent like maybe 5 hours last night playing it after I got off work.

Public Quests or PQ. You can just join in this part of the map and will prompt you to do quests with others. In return, you get some good lootz from it, as well as influential rewards. You don’t even have to join a party to participate! Just kill, get lootz, and collect other rewards.

RvR Scenarios. Don’t like open PvP (people vs. people) or RvR (realm vs. realm) but like to do it every once in a while? Join a scenario, which takes you to an instance that primarily lets you kill people from the opposite realm without causing grief from other people who try to avoid it. This makes it balanced for people who love RvR and those who don’t.

No more repairing equipment. The only thing I know that will let you repair are some goody equipment you might like to use later on.

Zealots are awesome. Nuff said.

That’s it for now. I am definitely going to have trouble balancing Lord of the Rings Online and WarHammer Online. Oh no, there’s Stargate Worlds coming up, too! Whatever will I do?!

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Impressed With PM Raid

So, I was feeling bored with doing my little quests here and there, and I saw that Margaret from Preying Mantis (PM) was looking for hunters for a Rift raid run, so I jumped to the chance, since I never really played with them before other than Helegrod.

Boy, I’m really mighty impressed with the way they ran this. No nonsense, a few explanations, kill the boss, split the loot, and on to the next boss. We did the locks 3 through 8 in a matter of two hours, compared to where it will usually last 5-6 hours from 3 through 7 on some raids I’ve joined. It was awesome. Another plus was that most of them already had Rift gear so it was easy to roll for whatever I needed for my hunter (I got the chest piece gem).

It’s easy to tag along if you know what you’re doing, and a good thing that I did. We didn’t have the +3 hope buff, they only had one LM (lore-master), who did a mighty job of keeping us powered up, wound/disease control, and stun immunity. Hardly anyone died, except for the Balrog boss, where only 2 died but was brought back up with efficiency. I hope they were impressed with me as well, hardly questioning what to do and such. I would love to do another run with them, if only just to do a quick one to get what I need.

I just wish this was the same for all the raids I’ve ever been in. Although, it’s also fun to just talk and chat while doing the run, however long it takes. But when you’re in a time crunch like I was at the time, this run was really ideal for me.

Thanks, PM, hope to do more Rift runs again with you in the future. If you’ll let me.

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Yep, still awake. And it’s already the start of another day. I discovered/learned some things today, though. Or should I say: Yesterday.

1. – my new favorite resource to find movies and TV shows. You must go! Love.

2. How to hack my PSP. Yes, I know. It’s bad. But it’s good. I’m still waiting on a game to use it with, though, so I can fully downgrade the version I’m using right now. Yes, I know. But eeeeeeee.

3. Mabinogi. New game coming out in Open Beta. Looks promising. Somewhat casual. Must check out.

4. Some good news. Told my immediate family, but I can’t say for sure yet and confirm it. Have to wait till the 20th. You’ll love this one.

5. My daughter hates covers like me. I kick my covers off in the middle of the night. She does the same. Luci needs to stop covering us back up. Hehe. Okay. Time to really get a bit of shut-eye. With my luck, Dani will wake me up at noon. Good thing I’m off today.