Gaming, Me, Slumming

Such is Life

Once I start typing here, I feel like I want to curl back in bed and sleep. Why do I feel like writing on my blog makes my skin crawl? Or that is has leprosy and I must stay away. Just weird. Well, I’ll try to post something worthwhile.

Highlights, from now to then:
~ Still playing LOTRO.
~ Had Thanksgiving, November.
~ Went to Singapore for 7 days, November.
~ One of my great-uncles passed away, November.
~ Also learned one of my great-aunts passed away, few years back.
~ Family reunion in Chicago, July.

That’s all I remember right from memory. Happiness and sadness, all rolled into one. Such is life.

Up ahead:
~ Will be working Christmas day.
~ Will be working New Year’s day.

Such is life.

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