WarHammer Online Review

Well, I guess I should post on what I like about WarHammer Online so far. I spent like maybe 5 hours last night playing it after I got off work.

Public Quests or PQ. You can just join in this part of the map and will prompt you to do quests with others. In return, you get some good lootz from it, as well as influential rewards. You don’t even have to join a party to participate! Just kill, get lootz, and collect other rewards.

RvR Scenarios. Don’t like open PvP (people vs. people) or RvR (realm vs. realm) but like to do it every once in a while? Join a scenario, which takes you to an instance that primarily lets you kill people from the opposite realm without causing grief from other people who try to avoid it. This makes it balanced for people who love RvR and those who don’t.

No more repairing equipment. The only thing I know that will let you repair are some goody equipment you might like to use later on.

Zealots are awesome. Nuff said.

That’s it for now. I am definitely going to have trouble balancing Lord of the Rings Online and WarHammer Online. Oh no, there’s Stargate Worlds coming up, too! Whatever will I do?!

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