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In A Miss

Sheesh, I haven’t wrote on this blog in so long. I just don’t have anything much to update. I’m a really boring person. I just work, sleep, play games online, read, and the cycle goes on. Okay. Pity party over. Hehehe.

Behold, now comes the different thought processes that Leiza has going on in her brain.

There’s this little newspaper I always pick up just when I get in to work. The little box where you pull this lever and you get this little tabloid-size paper-ma-jiggie. Oh, that reminds me of that CSI episode where they found a head in there. Now, I gotta take care not to take any of those newspapers in that box. Good thing there’s this girl that hands them out to people. Because it’s nearby the train station. I really love the proximity of the train to work. I should use the train again. I haven’t ridden one since 2004 — I remember the year because I still have the card with the 2004 sticker on it. Maybe because I usually get ready late, even though I get to work early. I parked my car at the dock earlier so I could get my gear upstairs and then get the key card to get to another parking area that has badge-access only. But someone wanted me out of the spot I parked at, because he had to pick something up or drop something off at the docks. Blah, I lost like 4 minutes there trying to get out and back in another spot. 4 minutes late when I clocked in. (Blank look on my face while I try to get my thought processes running again.) Oh man, is that the time? 5:43pm. But it’s like 2 minutes late. I gotta adjust it soon. Looking at some pictures again. Oh, the world’s largest picture mosaic! I forgot I took a picture of that. I wonder what was in those pictures on the picture mosaic? It’s too high to really see the individual pictures. I really gotta get back on the site. Those are some pretty amazing galaxies out there. Makes me feel smaller than I really am. Gotta lose weight. But I’m so lazy. Oh, that Zantrax 3 didn’t work out too well for me. It made me dizzy all day. I think it fought with BP pill and the other pill. Leiza didn’t win in the fight. She was on the bed, trying to get through the day. Good thing I tried it when I was off-work. I told Lucien to try it, though. He might get something out of it all, though he did feel the same queasiness like I did. But it’s been 3 days now, so it should be good. Oh, Lucien should be seeing that contractor now. We’re thinking of adding some rooms on the second floor. Gotta get ready when Janna and Jonelle come here. But when are they coming? The adoption thing is taking too long. It’s been 2 years already. Lucien’s impatient, always ragging me and asking me what the status was. How can I tell him when I don’t know anything? I keep telling him that but still blahbitty-blah-blah. Dani is really growing. She’s so cute and sweet most of the time. She’s doing her little tantrums here and there, but sometimes I’m the cause of it. She fell off the bed last night, and was crying a lot, I felt so bad that I had to hug her for a long time. But I know she’ll never learn her lesson, because she’s going to end up doing it again. But that’s how children discover their boundaries. She even tried to see how far she could go using this little step ladder we had. I gave her a warning tone, but she just looked at me and propped her foot on the first step. I even glared at her and kept talking in a stern tone, but no dice. She looked, “Let’s see how far I can pull this off”. Finally, I went over and put her foot down on the floor where it was more stable. She cried. I guess I kinda scared her? Dunno. Her hair is growing so much. I wonder if I should try to cut her bangs. But her hair is so nice and soft, I’m afraid to even touch it. I’m starting to brush her teeth. She kinda likes the feeling of the brush against her teeth, but then it’s hard to keep her mouth open enough to brush them. She keeps biting down. So I have to make her smile by smiling at her showing my teeth. She does a lot of imitations here and there. Like earlier this morning, I was wiggling my fingers to her, and she imitated it. She’s so cute! I just want to hug her. Oh, I think I made her irritated in trying to pull her thumb away from her. We gotta try to stop her thumb-sucking soon. It’s not good for her teeth. But she cried and cried, and it hurt me. I have to look up what’s a better way to do this.

Okay, I’m drained. There’s still a lot of the stuff in there, I just can’t catch up. But funny about what you’re thinking and just typing it out like a boss dictating notes to his assistant. It’s fun to do that sometimes. :)

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