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Computer Blues

I’ve been having problems with my PC freezing up and it’s not fun.  Especially when it’s the most expensive computer purchase I’ve ever done and it’s not even a year old yet.

So, I’ve spent the past couple of hours talking to customer support and having them help me fix it.  We’ve done the Memory Diagnostic, the Flash BIOS, and even to the point of reimaging the system, but nothing works!  I’m so frustrated.

LoTRO is going live on the 24th, too.  Whatever will I do?

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Computer Blues

I’ve been having problems with my PC freezing up and it’s not fun.  Especially when it’s the most expensive computer purchase I’ve ever done and it’s not even a year old yet.

So, I’ve spent the past couple of hours talking to customer support and having them help me fix it.  We’ve done the Memory Diagnostic, the Flash BIOS, and even to the point of reimaging the system, but nothing works!  I’m so frustrated.

LoTRO is going live on the 24th, too.  Whatever will I do?

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Things I Learned About MMORPGs

MMORPG = massively (or massive) multiplayer online role-playing game

— Saying “bathroom break” is taboo now when you want to go to the bathroom.  It’s more polite to say “bio break”.  Seriously, people.

— “mt” means “mistell”, otherwise known as “oops, I said the wrong thing on the wrong chat channel”.  I honestly thought “mt” was meant for “mountain” for a while.  I kept asking “what mt?” or “what mountain?”.  I feel dumb.

— Don’t talk about your personal life in OOC (out of character) chat, or you’ll be bombarded with hate mail, hate tells (whispers) or just be plain ridiculed.  Forever.

— Don’t be an ass in OOC either.  You’ll share the same fate.

— “nm” is not plainly known as “never mind” anymore.  It now means “not much”.  Use “nvm” for “never mind”.

— RP (role-playing) and OOC don’t mix.  Don’t even try.

— “gtg” is now known as “good to go” not “got to go”.  Sigh.

Honestly, how do people remember this stuff?

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Wait, I’m waaaay overdue for that. Hahahaha! I haven’t been updating my blog in so long. Maybe because taking care of the baby is sooo much fun and I just don’t have time to dabble in here.

Dani’s growing in leaps and bounds and I do mean literally, even though not physically. She’s still petite (about the size of a 3-month old) but oh, how she is so makulit (I couldn’t find an exact English translation for this, but let’s just say she is very energetic)! She will be 9 months on Feb. 7th and she’s crawling all over the place. She still has two teeth at the bottom, nothing else growing yet, but she is putting everything (if I let her!) in her mouth. She loves to stand whenever she can – with support, of course – and will try to stand on her own when she can. She’ll be walking soon, I think (I hope!).

I’m wondering how I’m going to do Dani’s first birthday, though. Any suggestions from veterans out there? I would appreciate it. One idea I had was to go to do a family barbecue or something, but any other suggestion is welcome.

In other stuff, I’ve been playing a closed beta game: Lord of the Rings Online. Very cool game, since it follows the storyline of the actual LotR books. I can’t tell you more about it, since it’s still a bit secret and what-not. There are a lot of gamers there, though, that played World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, and Asheron’s Call. I would say I’m not one of those gamers, since I try to stay away from 3D games (they make me dizzy). But this is one I really like, since it goes with the books.

I’ll be sure to update again soon. I have to try to get to sleep – it’s almost 4:30AM!

Love you all.

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Hurricane? What Hurricane?

Hi, guys!

I know some of you are concerened about us back here in Dallas due to Hurricane Rita coming Texas way. marielogan actually called me at home to check up on how we are this morning.

Not to worry, though, because we are 6 hours away from Houston, and it’s unlikely that we will be hit by Rita. If there was able an indication that Rita passed by, we would probably just have medium to heavy rain. Other than that, we aren’t in any danger.

Thank you for your concerns, though. It’s nice to find that there are people out there that care for us. :)

Some more tidbits:
– Lucien just came from Taipei this morning. He was in job training for week.
– My mom just came from the Philippines this afternoon. She was there for a week also.
– I’ve been addicted to the game Dofus lately, that’s why I haven’t been able to blog.
– Things have been pretty much the same, another reason why I haven’t been able to blog, because why should I say the same thing over and over again? :P

Well, I hope you guys are doing well on your end. Take care!

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Miss me?

Wow, I haven’t posted in ages! So sorry about that. I’ve just not had anything to talk about, really.

Let’s see, the last time I was here, I said I was going on some sort of diet. So far, I have lost 6 pounds. Yeah, it’s a little slow, but hey, it’s progress. My goal is to reach 111 pounds by Christmas. That’s what they said was the ideal weight for my height. Good thing that Luci, the cynic at heart, is supporting me on this. He even helps me prepare my meals. :) Wish me luck!

I have been playing online games again. And sad enough, I’m back in Nexus. My new mage has already peaked to level 99 and still growing. It’s easier to level there now, since when you first start off, someone higher will leech you in a cave that has good experience. Another game I’m addicted to right now, is Maple Story (MS). It’s really hard to juggle both games, because I like them both, and I can’t play them at the same time. My friend Jamie keeps telling me to stay in MS, but I don’t want to abandon Nexus. We’ll see how time goes.

In the meantime, Luci and I are trying to get our papers ready for the attorney that handles the adoption process. We have a lot to do, but I still wish my nieces were already here. They are already very excited and impatient to get here. Soon, my darlings, soon…

I’m also thinking of getting my cable internet at home again. Luci is also desperate to get his cable TV again. He misses Cartoon Network, hehehe. It’s hard enough getting bored at home when I have three days off.

But, good thing is, I’ve started reading again. I’ve read the first few books of Artemis Fowl lately, and they are very promising. I’ve also found some good reads off the library around the corner of the house. Most of them are young adult adventures, but I seem to like them better than the adult ones. Well, at least, the ones I’m reading now are better than the adult ones. :P

That’s all for now. I’m off to play MS. *sigh*

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I think I’ve been avoiding blogs like the plague, lately. Most times, it’s hard to find the time to sit down and write about everything that has been going on with me lately. On the other hand, I’m just lazy.

So, lately, I’ve been working weekends. I know some of you may say, “Poor Leiza. Can’t enjoy weekends anymore.” Hey, I don’t mind. Rather this than just spend 2 days off. With me working weekends, I get weekend and evening differentials added to my salary, plus 3 days off. How’s that for ‘Poor Leiza’? :)

I kinda surprised myself for not spending time on the computer the three days I was off. I did get addicted to playing on the Playstation. Lucien was the one playing Puzzle Pirates on the PC, teehee.

We did watch some movies, though. About 3 of them, and I think the best one I saw was Ice Cube’s ‘Are We There Yet?’. It’s really scary thinking what two kids can do to wreck up your car. I know I babysat one of my sister’s sons and even that one was a handful. I always ask my sister how she handles 4 kids, have a job, and still be organized at home? I hope if that happens to me, I have the same energy as she does.

That’s it for now. Later. :)

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Back From Nothing

Here I am again, and I know I haven’t really posted anything for a while.

Been addicted to Puzzle Pirates lately, and I’m a little pleasantly surprised that my hubby is getting into it as well. I know it’s all puzzles, but the rewards are just good. And not only that, there are pretty decent people playing this game.

Went to Lucien’s doc for check-up on his finger. Things are looking pretty good. The x-rays show that the bones are healing, but slowly, but nothing that’s really drastic that can’t be mended in time. The doc said that he will need to go to occupational therapy for 2 months, so that means 2 more months of Lucien not working. Oy.

I’m going back to my regular work schedule this week and the next, but I heard that the weekend shift girl has resigned and these 2 weeks will be her last at work. I’m really considering doing the weekend shift for good, since it gives me more time to spend with Lucien. We’ll wait and see how it goes.

That’s about it for tonight. I’m pooped.

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There Goes The Posting

Ack! I guess my new policy of updating daily has gone down the drain. Sorry, guys. I have been so busy in between keeping up with Lucien’s meds and TLC, Lani (our dog) having an attack-of-the-fleas, and me playing another online game. I guess that’s mostly the summary of what I’ve been doing lately, and just saying that over and over again everyday will be redundant. But! I may have something to talk about today. :)

Today is the start of my new crazy schedule. Well, technically it is, but my new crazy schedule officially starts Saturday. Today, though, I work my first 12-hour shift. Hehe, feels like working as a nurse. :) I’ll be off tomorrow, but start working Saturday. My new crazy schedule will be a 12-12-8-8 hour shift. Which means, I work 2 days for 12 hours and 2 days for 8 hours. This will be fun. I say this because it will be different from the monotony I always experience from Monday through Friday. And I always consider new things an adventure. *winks at Jo* Also, I will be off for 3 days, whee! :)

Last Monday, Lucien and I went to see the ortho doctor to check his hand. The doc took off his cast finally, but still replaced it with bandages so his hand will be protected but be able to circulate blood more efficiently. The doc said the hand looks good, but was concerned on an area on Lucien’s middle finger that looked ‘dusky’. We’ll check back with him on Wednesday to see if it had healed better.

I guess that’s it. Till then. :)

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Saturday Happenings

I think I’ll put in highlights only, because I don’t feel like talking up a storm:

Went to a birthday party.
It was also a celebration of other October birthday celebrators and anniversaries.
We were on time. The others came in an hour or so later.
We watched TFC (The Filipino Channel)! It rocks, hahaha!
There was barbecue and brazo de mercedes, mmmm.
Mom taught some of the people some salsa.
I only danced a bit. Other people thought that was unfair (because I didn’t dance that much with them).
I sang a song on the karaoke as part of a request from a friend.
One of my friends’ baby son has grown quite a bit.
Poor guy couldn’t sleep from all the ruckus we were causing.
My other friend’s baby girl is quite a handful; she picked up everything in sight.
I noticed that the house we went to wasn’t baby-proof (glass tables and breakables within reach).
I played X-Men Legends with the host’s 11-year-old son for a bit.
Got lost a bit going home, but all our guesswork paid off.