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Miss me?

Wow, I haven’t posted in ages! So sorry about that. I’ve just not had anything to talk about, really.

Let’s see, the last time I was here, I said I was going on some sort of diet. So far, I have lost 6 pounds. Yeah, it’s a little slow, but hey, it’s progress. My goal is to reach 111 pounds by Christmas. That’s what they said was the ideal weight for my height. Good thing that Luci, the cynic at heart, is supporting me on this. He even helps me prepare my meals. :) Wish me luck!

I have been playing online games again. And sad enough, I’m back in Nexus. My new mage has already peaked to level 99 and still growing. It’s easier to level there now, since when you first start off, someone higher will leech you in a cave that has good experience. Another game I’m addicted to right now, is Maple Story (MS). It’s really hard to juggle both games, because I like them both, and I can’t play them at the same time. My friend Jamie keeps telling me to stay in MS, but I don’t want to abandon Nexus. We’ll see how time goes.

In the meantime, Luci and I are trying to get our papers ready for the attorney that handles the adoption process. We have a lot to do, but I still wish my nieces were already here. They are already very excited and impatient to get here. Soon, my darlings, soon…

I’m also thinking of getting my cable internet at home again. Luci is also desperate to get his cable TV again. He misses Cartoon Network, hehehe. It’s hard enough getting bored at home when I have three days off.

But, good thing is, I’ve started reading again. I’ve read the first few books of Artemis Fowl lately, and they are very promising. I’ve also found some good reads off the library around the corner of the house. Most of them are young adult adventures, but I seem to like them better than the adult ones. Well, at least, the ones I’m reading now are better than the adult ones. :P

That’s all for now. I’m off to play MS. *sigh*

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