Office 2016 Is Here!

Today is the worldwide release of Office 2016 for Windows. This marks a milestone in delivering new value for Office 365 subscribers with a focus on collaboration, apps that work for you, a perfect pairing with Windows 10, and security features businesses will love. It also marks a new model for delivery, where subscribers can […]


I’m just so blah today. I want to hide in my own little world. Turn off the lights. Curl fetus-like in my covers. Sleep the day away. Are these signs of depression? Or is my body telling me the time of my daughter’s birth is getting nearer and nea…

Manga, Anime and Other Stuff

I’m becoming a fan of manga (Japanese graphic novels). Call me a late bloomer, hehe. Ever since Luci and I started hanging out at the local Barnes and Noble store at the mall, I look through some of their manga stock. It’s sorta like my passion for fantasy novels. With manga, it’s like a fantasy […]

Miss me?

Wow, I haven’t posted in ages! So sorry about that. I’ve just not had anything to talk about, really. Let’s see, the last time I was here, I said I was going on some sort of diet. So far, I have lost 6 pounds. Yeah, it’s a little slow, but hey, it’s progress. My goal […]

I’ll See You Soon, Phil.

Let’s see…I have 8 days to pack. Or is it 7 days to pack? I am ever so lazy. We can’t even get the house straightened fast enough so our house sitter doesn’t have to worry about clutter. We did manage to get something done yesterday, but we need to do more. Today is my […]