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Adult Coloring Books and Mandalas, A Warning For Christians | The Last Hiker

Some points to ponder, and must be given some deep thought…

  Last week I received a kind gift from a friend. She is one of the godliest people I know. My friend is smart, independent, and she loves the Lord. She is not naive. She is a professional, a …

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Office 2016 Is Here!

Today is the worldwide release of Office 2016 for Windows. This marks a milestone in delivering new value for Office 365 subscribers with a focus on collaboration, apps that work for you, a perfect pairing with Windows 10, and security features businesses will love. It also marks a new model for delivery, where subscribers can expect to get more frequent updates with new features and improvements. Along with Office 2016…

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I’m just so blah today. I want to hide in my own little world. Turn off the lights. Curl fetus-like in my covers. Sleep the day away. Are these signs of depression? Or is my body telling me the time of my daughter’s birth is getting nearer and nearer? I don’t know. Even playing my regular online games isn’t amusing me. All I managed today was read a book. I don’t even know if I want to fire up my laptop right now. I might just continue reading the manga I was reading yesterday.

Speaking of books, I just found out that the 3rd book of the Inheritance trilogy written by Christopher Paolini is out. That’s on my list of books to get. I’m torn between getting the e-book version for my iPhone or just getting the hardcover. I think I might do the latter, since I have the first 2 books.

Looking forward to the Inkheart movie, and I love how they casted Brendan Fraser as the dad. I read the book once and I thought it was good. I should read it again soon.

Anyways, that’s all for now. At least I feel a little better now that I wrote stuff down. Toodles.

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Manga, Anime and Other Stuff

I’m becoming a fan of manga (Japanese graphic novels). Call me a late bloomer, hehe. Ever since Luci and I started hanging out at the local Barnes and Noble store at the mall, I look through some of their manga stock. It’s sorta like my passion for fantasy novels. With manga, it’s like a fantasy book with pictures. ^^

I always love a good story, especially when it comes to fantasy, comedy, and romance (love-hate relationships). I’m a sucker for those. Maybe that’s why I liked Love Hina, Dramacon, Hot Gimmick and the current one I’m reading: Bleach. Bleach manga is action-packed, but I must say they really keep you wanting to read more and more when they leave you hanging at the end of a chapter. Why is it like that? It’s so frustrating! LOL.

Aside from manga, I like to watch anime (Japanese animation), too. Since they show Bleach at Cartoon Network, I watch it and compare it to the manga. They’re almost the same but, of course, the anime is like a short-cut version. That’s why I like comparing both of them…I will at least get more of the gist when reading the manga, but I love to see them in action in anime.

I’ve also finished watching the first season of Mahou Sensei Negima. It’s very a very nice anime, and I suggest you watch it (you can search for it in YouTube). It has a mix of comedy, fantasy and romance (all of my favorites!).

On the home front, since today is Halloween, I dressed up Dani for the occasion (you saw her costume already from my previous post). She’s sooo cute, especially with those little pumpkin shoes. What’s funny, though, is that a couple of my friends mentioned that it was a carrot costume. I wonder how that is? Anyways, we’re not trick-or-treating this year. One: it’s too cold. Two: I’m working. Three: Luci doesn’t want to. They’re just going to give out candies for the other little ones.

I used to remember one of the Halloween days in my teen years, that I hung out with my friends from church and we went to my first ever boyfriend’s (though he wasn’t my boyfriend at that time) house and watched Stephen King’s The Sleepwalkers. Those were the days. I really miss it: the camaraderie, the closeness of our friendship, the happiness I felt when I was with them. I really miss it a lot. *sigh* I feel so sentimental now.

Well, here’s to friendship, anime and manga. *toast*

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Every Time

Why is it that every time I have to go to work the next day, I am not tired in the least bit? Here goes my insomnia again. It’s so bad, I had to take a sleeping pill but I have to wait for 30 minutes for it to take effect. So here I am, before I find myself drooling on my keyboard. I also apologize in advance for randomness you might find in here. *grin*

I’m so excited, because either tomorrow or within 2 days’ time, I’ll be getting an Alienware PC. I’m still antsy about it being so expensive, but I’m 5 years due of getting a new one anyway and why not get one of the best? My investment better be worth it. (I hope.) That’s one of the things that’s keeping me awake right now.

A friend of mine, AKA Olorin The Grey, got me hooked on anime again. And, got me hooked in looking for anime clips. One that caught my eye is the one called Mahou Sensei Negima, from the creator of Love Hina. So, for you anime lovers out there, check it out, though I must warn you that it is PG-14 — at least that’s how I would rate it.

Speaking of, I put in Dani’s videos in there for your (friends and family) viewing pleasure. Just go to the site and search for leizakatrina (no spaces).

FFATI hosted a despedida (farewell party) Thursday night for one of our members that’s going back to the Philippines on assignment. She’ll be staying there for 18 months, on a U.S. salary, living in a condo in Makati, and she will have a chauffeur and a maid to boot. She’s soooo lucky! I’m so happy for her.

Luci, Dani and I watched the movie Jet Li’s Fearless Friday night. It made me cry. :( After the movie, we stopped by our usual hang-out in the mall — Barnes and Noble (we usually stay there and have a cup of java at their cafe). Since it was almost closing time, we ordered a couple of coffees to go and went home. It was so relaxing I asked Luci, “why can’t we stay like this forever?” *sigh*

Anyway, I think the sleeping pill is starting to kick in, so before I drop, I’ll say toodles.