Blah, Reads


I’m just so blah today. I want to hide in my own little world. Turn off the lights. Curl fetus-like in my covers. Sleep the day away. Are these signs of depression? Or is my body telling me the time of my daughter’s birth is getting nearer and nearer? I don’t know. Even playing my regular online games isn’t amusing me. All I managed today was read a book. I don’t even know if I want to fire up my laptop right now. I might just continue reading the manga I was reading yesterday.

Speaking of books, I just found out that the 3rd book of the Inheritance trilogy written by Christopher Paolini is out. That’s on my list of books to get. I’m torn between getting the e-book version for my iPhone or just getting the hardcover. I think I might do the latter, since I have the first 2 books.

Looking forward to the Inkheart movie, and I love how they casted Brendan Fraser as the dad. I read the book once and I thought it was good. I should read it again soon.

Anyways, that’s all for now. At least I feel a little better now that I wrote stuff down. Toodles.

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