Ergon Desk

I like the concept of lowering and raising the desk, to changing from sitting and standing, but it might not be ideal for a call center environment – it will be too loud and unable to hear while talking with customers. An option of a rectangular version might be great as well. The ideas are […]


So, after the performance last Saturday, I’ve begun to realize I’m making a comeback to the Filipino culture group. My thirst for learning about my roots has taken over me again. I’ll have to take up arnis again, too. I just hope I won’t get burned out again like before. I enjoy doing this just […]

She came up from the ashes

What I’m doing this Saturday: an FFATI performance. Lucien had his nephews and niece over last night. I don’t know what he was thinking bringing them (they are from ages 6-11), and knowing that he hasn’t slept in 24 hours makes me more worried. However, they seem to have behaved themselves…the hard part was making […]