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She came up from the ashes

What I’m doing this Saturday: an FFATI performance.

Lucien had his nephews and niece over last night. I don’t know what he was thinking bringing them (they are from ages 6-11), and knowing that he hasn’t slept in 24 hours makes me more worried. However, they seem to have behaved themselves…the hard part was making them sleep. We finally slept around 5am. And then wake up at around 9am. *groan*

Nevertheless, Lucien and I had fun with them. But I hope next time they come over, I don’t have to work the next day.

Have a good weekend everyone.

2 thoughts on “She came up from the ashes”

  1. Hee hee, Leiza, this is a good entry :)

    As for what you are doing this weekend, that is so cool. The nephews would probably love to see that. No?

    1. The nephews and niece went back home the next day. Lucien was working that night, so no one could be there to be with them. I think one day with them was enough, though. Makes me think twice in having kids now. HAHAHAHA! :D

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