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After finding out something in which to get more games for the nephews/niece visit last Friday, Lucien and I have been download-crazy.

Lucien is currently obsessed in playing his most favorite game: Hot Shots Golf 2. I can’t seem to get him off the game. And to think that last Saturday, when he came home from work, we left again for the performance. When we got home, he still didn’t sleep, and I could tell he was really tired. But, we kept playing his game. This is one of the times I could get him to play anything.

It went on till the end of the night. I was glancing at the TV and was waiting for him to start, and nothing happened for a minute. When I looked back at him, his eyes were closed. He fell asleep, or should I say passed out with the controller in his hands. It was kinda funny at first, but I woke him up just enough to tell him to go on upstairs.

Poor guy.

6 thoughts on “Discoveries”

  1. Good song. We start every Sunday evening service with that chorus. I’ve never fallen asleep with controllers in my hand, but many a morning have I awakened with my face stuck to the pages of a book.

    1. many a morning have I awakened with my face stuck to the pages of a book
      I do that, too! I never have fallen asleep with controllers in my hands. :)

  2. addictions…

    LINEAGE, LINEAGE, LINEAGE, LINEAGE, LINEAGE…….I think you get the point. Anyway darn games are addicting. Hope he does not deprive himself of sleep. Lack of sleep leads to many things, such as parranoia, come to think of it, I think another pledge is conspiring against me at this very moment….have to go…LINEAGE LINEAGE, LINEAGE.

    ToddA of JadeNASH

    1. Re: addictions…

      The only thing I hate about Lineage is that when you die, you lose your points and even de-level. Which, apparently, just happened to me. :(

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