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I’m becoming a fan of manga (Japanese graphic novels). Call me a late bloomer, hehe. Ever since Luci and I started hanging out at the local Barnes and Noble store at the mall, I look through some of their manga stock. It’s sorta like my passion for fantasy novels. With manga, it’s like a fantasy book with pictures. ^^

I always love a good story, especially when it comes to fantasy, comedy, and romance (love-hate relationships). I’m a sucker for those. Maybe that’s why I liked Love Hina, Dramacon, Hot Gimmick and the current one I’m reading: Bleach. Bleach manga is action-packed, but I must say they really keep you wanting to read more and more when they leave you hanging at the end of a chapter. Why is it like that? It’s so frustrating! LOL.

Aside from manga, I like to watch anime (Japanese animation), too. Since they show Bleach at Cartoon Network, I watch it and compare it to the manga. They’re almost the same but, of course, the anime is like a short-cut version. That’s why I like comparing both of them…I will at least get more of the gist when reading the manga, but I love to see them in action in anime.

I’ve also finished watching the first season of Mahou Sensei Negima. It’s very a very nice anime, and I suggest you watch it (you can search for it in YouTube). It has a mix of comedy, fantasy and romance (all of my favorites!).

On the home front, since today is Halloween, I dressed up Dani for the occasion (you saw her costume already from my previous post). She’s sooo cute, especially with those little pumpkin shoes. What’s funny, though, is that a couple of my friends mentioned that it was a carrot costume. I wonder how that is? Anyways, we’re not trick-or-treating this year. One: it’s too cold. Two: I’m working. Three: Luci doesn’t want to. They’re just going to give out candies for the other little ones.

I used to remember one of the Halloween days in my teen years, that I hung out with my friends from church and we went to my first ever boyfriend’s (though he wasn’t my boyfriend at that time) house and watched Stephen King’s The Sleepwalkers. Those were the days. I really miss it: the camaraderie, the closeness of our friendship, the happiness I felt when I was with them. I really miss it a lot. *sigh* I feel so sentimental now.

Well, here’s to friendship, anime and manga. *toast*

5 thoughts on “Manga, Anime and Other Stuff”

  1. Ahh anime… I’m a true oldschooler running with the Ranma 1/2 crowd, which by the way was a huge series that I never got a chance to finish off. Funny thing is, although I’m living in Japan, I rarely watch Anime nowadays (too busy being a “salary man” working tons of overtime). @_@

    I loved dressing up as a ninja, hiding in the bushes and testing out my stealth back in the day. And that wasn’t even during Halloween.

    Too bad Dani didn’t go trick or treating this year, but there’ll be plenty more. Hope you were greeted by tons of trick or treaters. What seemed like the most popular costume this year?

    1. I still have yet to watch other animes. There are so many!! >.< (So little time…*sigh*)

      There was a time I dressed up all in black and wore mask. I went to my nephew's party and sat with them when there was some sort of ghost story time. My nephew and his friends kept looking at me and wondering who I was. I went "Boo!" at them and they all scattered screaming (in a playful way). That was fun. ^_^

      About the most popular costume, not sure. I'll have to ask hubby tomorrow what happened today (I was at work all evening. ;.;).

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