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Pope Prophecies?

Wow, a new pope already? I was hoping they would stretch it out a bit. :P

Anyways, I found this in a forum about naming popes and I quote,

“…In my years of religious education, I remember Brother Bob tell me about this prophecy concerning the popes.

He said when the Pope is elected, he is given a secret manuscript that was dictated by Mary, mother of Jesus. He then chooses a name for his reign based on this ‘list of popes.’

Its all a doomesday prophecy.. but after 2,000 years can you imagine what documents are locked away in the Vatican’s library?

But Anyway, after Pope John Paul II passes away, there will be another pope, Pope Benedict XVI then Pope Peter II. There has never been a pope named after the first Peter before, and this signals the end of the Roman Church.

After googling, this is an interesting site on the idea:
The Future and The Popes

I do disagree with him saying that Pope Peter will not mean the end of the world.. well, I think it will not mean the end of the world, but probably the end of the Catholic Church–much as Nostradomas predicts that the Church and its corruption will end…”,


I suggest you check out what the article said. It’s very interesting.

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Sushi, Books and Movies

I’ve been on a sushi craze the past week. Lucien knew I loved it so much he bought me a Sushi Book & Kit from Half-Price Books. I might try it one of these days.

Bought more books. And more books. It’s really nice how many books you can buy for 20 bucks.

Watched Lemony Snicket last night. Eh, it’s not as good as I thought it was, but at least they went by the book. Just wasn’t sure about the train incident, though.

Sorry, can’t think up of more updates, so I guess this is it.

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The Da Vinci Code

Just finished the book. I actually preferred Angels & Demons than The Da Vinci Code like my friend Jo (hi!). DVC was a little simpler and less dramatic than A&D, in my opinion. I’m just glad that I read A&D first.

One thing about these books, though, is that it made me search through sites for truth. Though questions are still ringing in my head, I came up with one of them that seemed interesting and worth reading about DVC (true fact or fiction questions):


This also made me realize that I’m a closet mystery-thriller fanatic. I’ve always been curious and fascinated by who-dun-it novels/shows like Agatha Christie series, Nancy Drew (I have an old collection of ND books), Hardy Boys, even Murder She Wrote and Perry Mason. I didn’t realize it till I started reading A&D that I was looking for more similar books. Ugh. So here I am, out in full view.

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Angels & Demons

Right now, I’m totally absorbed in the book entitled, Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code. Can I just say: WOW.

More of the story can be found here.

It’s great. This has totally left me unable to let go of the book and keep on reading till the end. It’s gripping suspense, brilliant in its authenticity and factual history. To think of putting this on paper is absolute genius, let alone risky (in regards to credibility) but effective!

I suggest you read this first before the Da Vinci Code, because it’s where they first introduce the religious symbologist Robert Langdon.



I’m recently hooked on the LOTR books.

I remember back in the 80’s when I would walk in on my older brother and found him reading the LOTR books. Being young, and still not into reading these genre of books, I asked him incredulously what the hell he was reading and why. He just looked at me with no expression on his face and put his nose back in the book. “Read it and you’ll see why.” But I never did read those books…until now.

After watching the LOTR movies, I found that there was more information I could get from the books because during this time I was fascinated with fantasy/adventure books. So, I bought the books and instantly got hooked.

I just finished the first book and now onto my second one. Very nice to read something where you already have a visual of what could have and might have been.

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Day 2 & 3: Leiza’s 10-Day Escapade

Well, Sunday wasn’t too good. I spent most of the day sleeping, and trying to ignore the pain in my lower back, and stomach cramps. My bwisita has conquered me, once again. And so, after a few chats on the Web, I was back in bed, resting.

Monday was quite an early start. Early, meaning midnight. Actually, it should be Sunday night at 10:30. I woke up after a long nap and could not go back to sleep. So, waiting for Lucien’s alarm to go off, I goofed off on the Web.

After Lucien left and I watched Outer Limits for a time, I felt restless. I wanted to drive. I was hungry anyway. So, I called Lucien and I drove to his work and hung out there. I brought an Agatha Christie mystery to keep me company.

Bored as I was, I started doing Scan Disk and Defrag on their computers at work. Boy, lots of MB to delete at Disk Cleanup as well. As I was waiting (it took about 6 hours to defrag one of the computers, the rest didn’t even finish before the other people started coming in for Monday’s work), I dug myself into my book.

It was an interesting read, Agatha Christie did it well. I must admit, I have heard of Agatha Christie novels, but I have never even read one book of hers until today. Very ingenious, intriguing, disturbing. I want to read more of her work.

I finished the book, and there was nothing else to do. I didn’t want to hear someone’s gripes about how she hated her job (believe me, she voiced it a lot…maybe every 5 minutes?). And I didn’t want to stay and see the morning people come in. Even the manager, who was usually cheerful, was annoying to me today. I got out of there, quickly and quietly.

Now, as my 3rd day seems to be still beginning, I’m looking into houses. I found a quaint one down the road, and ironically, my mom used to rent that house. It’s up for sale now, and I want it. I just hope we can afford it.

Here’s to 7 more days…

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Desire Of The Heart

Drogo has an affair with Lily, a married woman. Lily’s husband finds out, and threatens to send her to the country and chaperon their recently orphaned niece, Cornelia, who is rich beyond reason. Lily tells Drogo, and finds an alternative for them to meet more than ever: marry Cornelia.

Cornelia inherits a big fortune from a grandmother, and is orphaned. She must go with her uncle as a guardian. She refuses to go, but is forced to do so. She hides her expressive eyes with big black spectacles.

Cornelia meets Drogo, falls in love at first sight. Drogo proposed to Cornelia the second day of their meeting. On the night before their wedding, Cornelia finds out about Drogo and Lily’s affair. She goes on with the wedding, anyway. They get married, still with her spectacles on, and go off to Paris on a honeymoon, of sorts. She never took her spectacles off, not ever.

Paris. There, Cornelia confronts Drogo and tells him that she knows of his affair with her aunt. She tells him that he will never touch her, ever. Yet…she still loves him and will try whatever is in her power to have him love her.

Drogo goes out for the night, leaving Cornelia behind at the hotel. She wants to follow him, to find out where he was enjoying himself, but it was indecent for her to go out and ruin her reputation. At the right moment, Cornelia’s cousin Archie comes for a visit. She tells him the whole story and begs him to help her.

Enter Reneè, Archie’s long-time friend. Reneè, famous in Paris and has her own affair with Russia’s Grand Duke, helps Cornelia. She orders Cornelia to take off her spectacles and amazed at her expressive eyes. She gives her a makeover, which is astounding. Cornelia earns a new name: Desireè.

Desireè, Reneè, and Archie go to the club where Drogo is. He starts talking to her, but Reneè tells him that Desireè is not for him, because she is in love with someone else. Drogo is intrigued, and is determined to win Desireè’s love.

So went the deception: Drogo, seeing Desireè at night, sees Cornelia for formality’s sake by day, and vice versa with Cornelia with the spectacles, as Desireè. Drogo falls madly in love with Desireè, but Desireè/Cornelia tests him to the point of his desperation.

They finally make love on a dreamy, starry night. At dawn, Desireè flees, and is never seen again. She writes to Drogo that she has gone away and will never find her if he tries to look for her. Drogo has fallen for her. He had forgotten all about Lily.

The next day, Drogo talks to Cornelia, that they need to go back home. When they go back home, he tells her he wants a divorce. He has fallen so much in love with Desireè that he wants to return to Paris to look for her. Cornelia, before their discussion of divorce, receives a letter from the King and Queen and wishes to visit them on their return from their honeymoon.

Cornelia, sure that Drogo loves Desireè, tortures him a little longer. They agree that they have this last dinner together with the King and Queen, and then she would talk further about this divorce.

That night, Cornelia takes off the spectacles and asks her maid to destroy it, burn it and not be in her presence. Because that night, she will be Desireè, forever. For Drogo.

She stalls a little bit, until the guests arrive. As she descended down the stairs, in her true form, Drogo looks up and cries Desireè’s name. Lily, who was among the guests, comes in and bursts out Cornelia’s name. And so the truth came out. Cornelia is Desireè. Desireè is Cornelia. Both women were one.

So, what happened at the end? What do you think?