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Angels & Demons

Right now, I’m totally absorbed in the book entitled, Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code. Can I just say: WOW.

More of the story can be found here.

It’s great. This has totally left me unable to let go of the book and keep on reading till the end. It’s gripping suspense, brilliant in its authenticity and factual history. To think of putting this on paper is absolute genius, let alone risky (in regards to credibility) but effective!

I suggest you read this first before the Da Vinci Code, because it’s where they first introduce the religious symbologist Robert Langdon.

13 thoughts on “Angels & Demons”

  1. Hi Leiza! I found your blog!

    FYI – Dan Brown wrote Angels & Demons before Da Vinci Code. Robert Langdon was introduced in A&D, so new readers should read A&D first to get a background/deeper insight into the Robert Langdon character :-).


      1. Yep! Was stuck in the mountains of Venezuela with you!!! Bakit ilang Jo ba ang kilala mo :-)!

      2. Oki lang yan, ayos naman ang blog mo :-)!

        Have you finished A&D yet? It’s my fave Dan Brown book. We went to Italy last Christmas and we went to all the A&D spots in Rome – we were imagining Robert Langdon running around like he did in the novel :-D!

        Dan Brown has 2 other lesser known books (sa Da Vinci Code sya sumikat) – Digital Fortress and Deception Point. I think you’ll like Digital Fortress, being the computer whiz that you are. The only caveat is after reading A&D and DVC, you’ll be able to guess who the villain is easily (kuha mo na yung style ni Dan Brown by then!).

        Have a great day!

      3. Oh yeah, I finished A&D in one sitting (couldn’t put it down). I’m on Da Vinci now, but I can’t read it in one sitting kasi I read it on a work day. When I read A&D it was on a Saturday, so I could enjoy it fully. I had to actually force myself to sleep last night…or was it morning?! to prevent myself to read the whole book!

        I’ll make a note of those two other Dan Brown books. Because of A&D, I’m looking at his website and looking at the pictures. :)

      4. Ay sinabi mo! I made the mistake of starting A&D on a weekday – I read it all the way through until almost 6am! Lagot sa trabaho nung sumunod na araw!

        After you read DVC, be sure to go on the quest: Let me know how it goes :-D!

      5. I actually slept at 6am kanina. Buti na lang evening shift ako!

        Anyways, kakatapos ko lang ng book and the game (I even put the game sa The Geek site ko for others to play. :)

      6. Cool, ‘glad you liked the DVC game :-)!

        I’ve read Daughter of God and it was boring for me! It took me several days to finish it coz it was hardly exciting.

        I don’t know why they keep saying that Dan Brown plagiarized it – the only similarity b/w the 2 books is the Vatican conspiracy/secrets/coverup, but the “big secret” of the book is way different than DVC. Mas scandalous ang DVC :-D!

        ‘Guess you’re catching up on sleep today!

        Sweet dreams!

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