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The Da Vinci Code

Just finished the book. I actually preferred Angels & Demons than The Da Vinci Code like my friend Jo (hi!). DVC was a little simpler and less dramatic than A&D, in my opinion. I’m just glad that I read A&D first.

One thing about these books, though, is that it made me search through sites for truth. Though questions are still ringing in my head, I came up with one of them that seemed interesting and worth reading about DVC (true fact or fiction questions):

This also made me realize that I’m a closet mystery-thriller fanatic. I’ve always been curious and fascinated by who-dun-it novels/shows like Agatha Christie series, Nancy Drew (I have an old collection of ND books), Hardy Boys, even Murder She Wrote and Perry Mason. I didn’t realize it till I started reading A&D that I was looking for more similar books. Ugh. So here I am, out in full view.

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