Cleanest Person?

My mind is a mess. This is my latest dream:

There is this girl who was reputed to be clean. She went to this school that had a contest on who was going to be the cleanest person in the campus. There was talk that she would be the one, but the just didn’t think about the contest too much.

One day, she had to go to the bathroom to do number 2. She chose the farthest stall in the girl’s restroom. When she finished, she flushed the toilet, but the flush handle was smeared with a feces-covered toilet paper. It went all over her hand before she realized. She got a wad of toilet paper and tried to clean the handle, at the same time flush the toilet. After a few attempts, she succeeded.

She left the stall with the intent of washing her hands. There was this student-volunteer attendant of the bathroom that didn’t want her washing in any of the three sinks, as the girl had soiled hands. After a few waltzing here and there, the girl was able to get her hands washed. Little did she know that if she didn’t wash her hands, she will be wiped clean from the campus as if she wasn’t even there.

So, she left the bathroom and went to her locker. There was a gym teacher there (who was the judge of the contest) and asked her if she was proud that she would be the cleanest person in the school. The girl just said humbly that she didn’t really care about the contest, but just needed to be clean. The teacher left, and there came an old woman and asked her the same thing. The girl had the same answer. She didn’t know that the old woman was the teacher in disguise trying to trick her, just to make sure that she wasn’t taking advantage of the contest.

So, the girl left, and in comes the student-volunteer attendant. She went to the old woman and bragged how she wanted to win the contest that she made sure that the toilets were clean. And so, the volunteer was wiped clean.

Kinda Twilight Zonish, don’t you think? It’s odd that it had to be feces. Ew.

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