Dream 9.20.2105

Had another interesting dream, but I don’t have too many details. In summary, my dream had: Conspiracy within a church I attended (not necessarily my current church in reality).  A big pirate-type ship but with invisible sails and equipment. The only thing visible was the ship frame. Incidentally, this ship was the one the good […]

Dream 4.29.15

I’ll format this later but I just wanted to post it before I forget. Mind you it was only 15 since I took a nap. Woke up remembering this: I was working in an open area floor but with still the same coworkers. We had some sort of intertwined bicycle-train-like-chairs where you can sorta stand […]

Dream 3.10.14

Had another weird dream: Dani was hunting a cat for breakfast. Not a tiger or a panther, but an actual house cat. She actually stabbed it with a spear and she had a makeshift shield as well. We seemed to be stranded somewhere like an island. I was with someone but I don’t remember who, […]

Dream: UPCC And A Bulky Camera

So, had another weird dream and this was after I woke up around 8:30am and went back to sleep. My sister Leke, mom and I went to this concert by UPCC (U.P. Concert Chorus). It was somewhat a reunion of all the past and present members and they were doing a special concert. My mom […]

Weird Dream 8/30/2011

So had this weird dream earlier. I was meeting up with Cher Musico for lunch, and I was riding a passenger jeepney you see in the Philippines and Beverly Sumabat Watson and her hubby Carlos was there, too. The kids were hiding under the seat, and …