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RYNO – Compact, One-Wheeled Self-Balancing Electric Vehicle | Eco-friendly Vehicles

I kid you not, ever since I’ve watched the movie Lorax, this bike has been in my dreams constantly, balancing on a monobike and riding along a highway of the unknown. I would love to have one of these to make one of my dreams a reality.

RYNO Motors, a company with headquarters in Portland, Oregon, has recently presented an electric vehicle that has just one wheel.

Source: RYNO – Compact, One-Wheeled Self-Balancing Electric Vehicle | Eco-friendly Vehicles

Dreams, Me

Dream 9.20.2105

Had another interesting dream, but I don’t have too many details. In summary, my dream had:

  • Conspiracy within a church I attended (not necessarily my current church in reality). 
  • A big pirate-type ship but with invisible sails and equipment. The only thing visible was the ship frame. Incidentally, this ship was the one the good guys used (police enforcement, FBI, etc.)
  • There was this criminal that got on the good guys ship without knowing who ran the ship. The captain of the ship recognized the criminal and held him for questioning. 
  • Running away on a horse and I had a mask on to hide my identity. I had to go through a lot of hurdles and escape routes (this was part of the conspiracy theme).
  • Locking my room door (in a house of the same questionable church) making sure no one went in without my knowledge.
  • I had an ally I was talking to about this conspiracy but I don’t remember who it was. 
  • Eating at a long table with church members and being on my guard. I remember the food were some barbecued meat, rice and beans. I saw some fish somewhere I couldn’t reach. There was a cute small dog lying on the bench I was sitting beside its owner, and when I petted it, it almost slid off to the floor and I caught it in time.

That’s all I can think of, I think. Go and analyze! :)

Dreams, Random

Dream 4.29.15

I’ll format this later but I just wanted to post it before I forget. Mind you it was only 15 since I took a nap. Woke up remembering this:

I was working in an open area floor but with still the same coworkers. We had some sort of intertwined bicycle-train-like-chairs where you can sorta stand up on or take a seat. Each day, you can go around it and ride it to give some stress relief or just plain enjoyment to get out of the mundaneness of work. So we were riding this with a few of my coworkers and we would go around the open area that surrounds the work cubicles. Also motivating the guys still working. I was riding in the far back and the guy in front is sorta the one who runs this “train” but other riders can support him/her by using the pedals on each seat. I was just thinking that one of my coworkers S should ride this today because she always like to move around and not stay in her cubicle all day. The guy in front was running the train pretty fast and I had to hold on real tight. I was somewhat holding on to another coworker in front of me but then it was going faster so I had to hold on to the metal bars in front of me. And of course it was better faster so we all helped out pedaling. But then the dude up front did a somewhat sharp turn and tangled up the “cars” of the train and he sorta hopped off. The rest of us were trying to untangle the train cars.

And then I woke up. 

Dreams, Me, Random

Dream 3.10.14

Had another weird dream:

Dani was hunting a cat for breakfast. Not a tiger or a panther, but an actual house cat. She actually stabbed it with a spear and she had a makeshift shield as well.

We seemed to be stranded somewhere like an island. I was with someone but I don’t remember who, and we were watching her.

I shouted at Dani, “What are you doing? You’re going to get breakfast at daycare anyway!”

And then I woke up. Welcome to Spring break! :)

Dreams, Me

Dream 12/18/13 | Phones, MP3s, and Radio Frequencies

So, haven’t had a vivid dream in a while until last night. I only remember certain scenes like in a movie or play. Here it is:

I found myself hanging out with my cousin-in-law, Lora, and she was staying at a hotel as a sort of a celebrity main-stay. At one point, I remember she had two phones in her hotel room, but one that wasn’t close to her bedside and it lit up (the whole phone lit up, not just the digital face). After she had answered a phone call from that phone, I suggested she move her phone close to her bedside so she didn’t have to get up if she got a call in the middle of the night. So I moved her phone over, and even turned off the light setting so it wouldn’t light up the whole place at night. End scene.

Next scene: we were walking down a street, maybe from doing some errands or maybe a party, and either my brother or my uncle hailed me from afar. I would say my uncle – it was before he had his stroke, maybe during our band days – but it went back and forth to him and my brother; it was hazy. Anywho, he hailed me and gave me a kind of a USB flash drive to give to my uncle (I’m guessing he was my brother at this time).  I asked what was in there, and he said it was a loads of MP3s he had put in the flash drive and could I give it to my uncle when I got home? My cousin-in-law was looking on, and I introduced her to him (as my uncle this time). End scene.

The last scene I remember is we are back at the hotel room and one of the bellman was there, hanging out. Apparently, he was good friends with my cousin-in-law, and he always came over when he had a chance and just hang . Then there was this radio that was given to my cousin-in-law, and she was looking it over and opened it up like a professional technician. She looked at the circuits and was disconnecting them while I looked on. She then explained to me that the radio was rigged to get only US radio channels and wouldn’t pick up Canadian radio channels, but all she had to do is change one of the circuits over and she would get the Canadian radio channels. (I know, this was hilarious, even as I am typing this, but it was quite entertaining in the dream. ;)) End scene.

Alarm went off! Too bad. It was fun hanging out with my cousin-in-law, even if it was in a dream. Maybe soon it will be a reality. :)


Dream: UPCC And A Bulky Camera

So, had another weird dream and this was after I woke up around 8:30am and went back to sleep.

My sister Leke, mom and I went to this concert by UPCC (U.P. Concert Chorus). It was somewhat a reunion of all the past and present members and they were doing a special concert. My mom wasn’t participating so she sat with me. We were in this big auditorium and we were lucky enough to have seats up front.

My sister gave me her camera to take pictures, but this camera was big, bulky, and one of those you used to buy back in the 90’s. None of those nice, little, anti-shaking point-and-shoot cameras nowadays.

Some little tidbits I remember of the dream:

  • I remember walking to the concert (?) with my friend Erlin and her family, the place around us looked like the place I used to live in Project 4 (Mascardo). I’m not sure why but this could be a different dream.
  • there was another girl with us, but I don’t quite seem to remember who she was. She was one of the new members of UPCC but for some reason, she sat with us during the first part of the show.
  • me, my mom and the other girl we were with were backstage standing around looking at all the members (for some reason, I only remember the girls) and their colorful costumes.
  • we went back to our seats, only that we came from the back of the auditorium and we ran or somewhat made a grand entrance and we jumped to our seats like a stunt. Don’t ask me how my mom did that, and for some reason, I was wearing a gray sweater hoodie and had the hood on my head (and thinking I was like a Jedi(?)). And note, there were seats in front of us (not sure how we ran towards our seats right in the middle).

So, when the concert started, I was trying to take pictures as much as I could, but try as I might, I just either couldn’t seem to focus the camera right, or I couldn’t take a shot fast enough. All the other ones I could take was blurry or was taken too late. I was getting frustrated at the camera. Once I looked at the camera in my hands, and there was a big rotating fan in the front (wha?). And another time, I was trying to fix one of the settings when I suddenly had a bout of sleepiness fall upon me (this was in the dream).

That’s all I can remember at this point. So weird. :P


Dream: Weirdness. Dream versus Reality?

How weird. I just woke up from dreaming I was telling someone I had a dream about her. What was weird was the dream I had about her was another dream I had a few moments before. Confusing? I know. I am, too.

She was performing like in a Concert At The Park but it was kind of an audition for a company that might hire her for future productions. She just met this pianist and was overjoyed to know how he knew all the parts she was going to sing by heart, and how they were going to be perfect together performing. I remember just watching the pianist and hearing her in the background.

I think I dreamt of that because of a similar scene I saw last night.

Another dream was I was writing some Spanish words on paper along with translation and pronunciation for someone. I don’t know why.

Then another scene where this guy went downstairs to teach some people how to properly pack their suitcases: from small items first to bigger items on top. (I’ll have to research this later…could be true!)

And now I’m wide awake now, thinking about the weirdness of my dreams. Now to figure out how I’m going back to sleep.