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Weird Dream 8/30/2011

So had this weird dream earlier. I was meeting up with Cher Musico for lunch, and I was riding a passenger jeepney you see in the Philippines and Beverly Sumabat Watson and her hubby Carlos was there, too. The kids were hiding under the seat, and I think Dani was in a Smurfette costume and Lauren in a black dress. I switched seats across the way but stumbled and there was a sea on the floor (don’t ask me why) and Carlos caught me (like a basketball player would hold a basketball in one hand) so I wouldn’t fall into the sea. And then I woke up. Weird, right? :)


1 thought on “Weird Dream 8/30/2011”

  1. Wow I wish I was as good at interpreting as several of my friends, but there is something to this dream. I have to say I envy you your awesome real dreams… trust me you don’t want mine ;-)But I will take a short stab. I dunno how off this is, but it is just for fun ;-)One thing to note, you may be feeling just about to be overwhelmed. You seem to have a lot of friends who are helping you keep to the sane side but you may want to schedule a weekend off from family and friends and do something your heart desires. I suspect something to do with just playing like you were a teenager.Ok, that isn’t much and it is prolly way off base, but hey, who knows, mebbe I have helped too ;-) (^o^)/

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