Dream: Weirdness. Dream versus Reality?

How weird. I just woke up from dreaming I was telling someone I had a dream about her. What was weird was the dream I had about her was another dream I had a few moments before. Confusing? I know. I am, too.

She was performing like in a Concert At The Park but it was kind of an audition for a company that might hire her for future productions. She just met this pianist and was overjoyed to know how he knew all the parts she was going to sing by heart, and how they were going to be perfect together performing. I remember just watching the pianist and hearing her in the background.

I think I dreamt of that because of a similar scene I saw last night.

Another dream was I was writing some Spanish words on paper along with translation and pronunciation for someone. I don’t know why.

Then another scene where this guy went downstairs to teach some people how to properly pack their suitcases: from small items first to bigger items on top. (I’ll have to research this later…could be true!)

And now I’m wide awake now, thinking about the weirdness of my dreams. Now to figure out how I’m going back to sleep.

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