Dream: @MillaJovovich and The Boiled Saba


So, I’ve had some weird dreams the past couple of days.

The day before yesterday and surprisingly I still remember, I dreamt about Milla Jovovich. If you don’t remember her, she was in Fifth Element (fave!) and also in the Resident Evil movies (more faves!!). So anyhoo, I’m thinking what triggered this dream was after watching Milla showing off an editing studio for the latest RE movie.

So the dream started that she was sort of my hubby’s acquaintance and was invited over the house since she was in town after a shoot. She was kind of out of sorts and looked tired so I tried my my best to entertain her and keep the conversation going. However, she was polite enough and answered questions but she still looked a little down or something. So finally as she was leaving, I offered her a boiled saba. Saba is a kind of banana that we have in the Philippines. When it’s boiled and such, it kind of gives out its natural sweetness. Milla took it half heartedly and left.

That night, I had some sort of party at my house when Milla suddenly showed up all excited and wide awake, as it were. She said that she loved the boiled saba and wanted to know where to get it and how to cook it and I obliged. I guess the taste kind of cheered her up. :)

Another dream I had today was about a small town, my own house, a scavenger hunt, a piano, playing by ear and tar. I won’t go too much into detail because it’s really hard to explain, such as dreams are. Even though the dream with Milla was pretty clear. The only thing that made me wonder about the second dream was me being Caucasian and long sandy brown hair. Go figure. :)

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