Posterous, Technology, Who Moved My Cheese?!

Posterous and Twitter

While I’m happy for Posterous and their recent merge with Twitter, I’m also quite worried. The FAQs is littered with “we will give you ample notice”…why is that? The question asked, “Will Posterous eventually shut down?”, they didn’t really give a sure-fire answer of “yes” or “no”. More like a workaround the question. Is this what the lawyers told you to write, Posterous team? C’mon now! This is sounding like a hostile takeover or something similar.

Reason I’m worried is this. So pleased am I with Posterous Spaces, I started moving my a few of my paid web host services to this one, for the main fact it’s easy to set up, and of course, because it’s free. Now the thought suddenly comes to mind…will Posterous eventually be a paid service then? *cue music* Dun dun dun…

I just hope things really work out. That Posterous won’t shut down. That Posterous will still be the greatest blogging platform I’ve ever used, and that if they do make some changes, they make it for the better.

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