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Changes and Stuff

Just wanted to tell everyone I’m still here. Since 2014 has started, I decided to make the one-photo-a-day challenge for this year. So keep an eye out on those posts from my Twitter feed on the sidebar of the blog. I am also trying to move my media blog to somewhere else than another WordPress site. I know, I know, I always change stuff. I need to stop! But I can’t! Hehehe! But anyway, I’m in the process of moving it from here to there.

In other news, I’ve been so busy at work. Operations is becoming more and more Service Desk, which makes me sad, and makes me so busy. And also, my manager wants to change my schedule. Again. Grrr. And yesterday, I learned a co-worker didn’t show up at all for the Operations shift! It doesn’t look like he was fired or anything, but this is the first time in my almost 13 years working here that a shift has not been covered. There’s something more going on in the “backend” that I am allowed to know. So much drama. I know more changes are coming. I think I’m going to wait it out for another 2 years and see if this job is still good for me. I’m not as happy as I was when we were still Operations. Maybe it’s time for a change soon. Sigh.

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Some More Work Drama

So, we had our first meeting of many meetings of how we can help improve what we do, etc. at work. I really don’t like meetings, but for me, I think this is like more of a social meeting. I don’t know why I think that, but it does help take out the “ugh, another meeting?!” feeling.

The team leader was asking what could be done to improve the SD/OPS team, so I suggested that B get a different phone JUST IN CASE, and I say JUST IN CASE for getting into SD calls. B butted in before I could finish not to involve her in any of that. What?! I understand that she does not like doing SD, but it’s not like we have to do it everyday. We are in AS NEEDED basis as far as SD calls are concerned and I just wanted to make things easier for us in the long run.

It totally pissed me off that she’s still acting like that when the rest of us are already doing it. She will eventually need to step up her game or “else”, at least from what I heard. It’s totally unfair that she’s the only one not even trying to learn or even helping out. There’s nothing in the world we can change unless our managers/directors change it. We are the underdogs and we really don’t have the power to change things. And with this new management, even if we voice our opinions, we still HAVE to do what they ask (tell) us to do.

Anyway, I’m totally expecting her to go off on me after other people are gone, but I won’t have none of that. I’m getting tired of her complaining she doesn’t want to do this and that. It’s like a broken record. A BROKEN RECORD SINCE NOVEMBER. She’s done the same kind of complaining before: when they moved us inside the Computer Room (or Data Center) and suffer the cold; when we moved to a totally different city location; when we moved to a different cubicle, and it goes on. She’s not a “Who Moved My Cheese?” kind of person. And this person has two degrees, I think even a Master’s degree (incredible, right.), and was a professor in DeVry University (glad I wasn’t there when she was). And, I don’t mean to boast, I am probably better skill-wise on this kind of job than her.

I should stop talking about her. I’m just so frustrated. I wish she would just accept what’s being handed to her and do her job. If she does quit or worse comes to shove, be fired, she won’t get paid the same amount of money she’s getting paid now. In my opinion, given the non-cooperativeness she’s doing right now, I think it will be better if she just quit. Because it’s giving me a headache. Even others around us are also feeling the strain of her complaints. I wouldn’t blame them.

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Posterous and Twitter

While I’m happy for Posterous and their recent merge with Twitter, I’m also quite worried. The FAQs is littered with “we will give you ample notice”…why is that? The question asked, “Will Posterous eventually shut down?”, they didn’t really give a sure-fire answer of “yes” or “no”. More like a workaround the question. Is this what the lawyers told you to write, Posterous team? C’mon now! This is sounding like a hostile takeover or something similar.

Reason I’m worried is this. So pleased am I with Posterous Spaces, I started moving my a few of my paid web host services to this one, for the main fact it’s easy to set up, and of course, because it’s free. Now the thought suddenly comes to mind…will Posterous eventually be a paid service then? *cue music* Dun dun dun…

I just hope things really work out. That Posterous won’t shut down. That Posterous will still be the greatest blogging platform I’ve ever used, and that if they do make some changes, they make it for the better.

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Lots of changes happened the past two days. My entire department has moved offices, so we are trying hard to get things up and going while the move was taking place.

It has its moments, as I would prefer being inside a room that is quiet for a change, but then I miss the cold blast of air penetrating from under the tile floors.

Oh yeah. We have a window. :P

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House And Work

*groan* Lucien has started packing already! In result, he accidentally packed some bills that I need to pay this week, my home computer, lots of books, etc. *groan* And we really don’t have room enough to spare for the boxes.

I’ve been sorta busy playing another MMORPG called Redmoon. I only have a 10-day free trial on it, so I’m trying to make the most of it. It’s fun, and it reminds me of the Fallout series. So yeah, that’s mostly what’s been keeping me busy. :P

Work has been pretty good, at least on my end. The 3rd Shift people are at it again, things not being done or not getting done. *sigh* Have been re-writing our policies and procedures also, as they have given us a new format. We have an intranet site that helps document these, but I don’t have enough free leeway as I do on my other sites, so I’m thinking of making another place to access the documents…of course, it has to be a secure one, as it is for our eyes only.

More on the house. It’s funny how people keep asking what progress we have had on the house, when I can’t really tell them anything because there is no progress, until we get the couple out of the house and we can move in. Insurance and mortgage stuff is Lucien’s end, so I’m letting him take the lead on that. So, what do I tell people how we are doing on the house? NOTHING.

We finally did the taxes. I know it’s pretty late, cuz I was kind of procrastinating on that. Unfortunately, this is the first year where we actually owe the IRS something. Yikes! :(

Well, enough for now. Gosh, my life is boring. :P