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House And Work

*groan* Lucien has started packing already! In result, he accidentally packed some bills that I need to pay this week, my home computer, lots of books, etc. *groan* And we really don’t have room enough to spare for the boxes.

I’ve been sorta busy playing another MMORPG called Redmoon. I only have a 10-day free trial on it, so I’m trying to make the most of it. It’s fun, and it reminds me of the Fallout series. So yeah, that’s mostly what’s been keeping me busy. :P

Work has been pretty good, at least on my end. The 3rd Shift people are at it again, things not being done or not getting done. *sigh* Have been re-writing our policies and procedures also, as they have given us a new format. We have an intranet site that helps document these, but I don’t have enough free leeway as I do on my other sites, so I’m thinking of making another place to access the documents…of course, it has to be a secure one, as it is for our eyes only.

More on the house. It’s funny how people keep asking what progress we have had on the house, when I can’t really tell them anything because there is no progress, until we get the couple out of the house and we can move in. Insurance and mortgage stuff is Lucien’s end, so I’m letting him take the lead on that. So, what do I tell people how we are doing on the house? NOTHING.

We finally did the taxes. I know it’s pretty late, cuz I was kind of procrastinating on that. Unfortunately, this is the first year where we actually owe the IRS something. Yikes! :(

Well, enough for now. Gosh, my life is boring. :P

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