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Weird Encounter

Another weekend coming up. Somehow, I’ve been dreading Fridays lately. It’s like “Do I have to go to work Friday?” and I want the day to be over. I don’t know, but I’ve been feeling that lately.

We are about 2/3 done packing. We have about 15 days to go till we can move in to the new house. Lucien’s getting more and more excited as the days are getting closer.

Last night, while going down the elevator (it’s a windowed side so I can look outside), I noticed this woman across the street close to a badge-access-only parking lot. There’s a train depot next to the lot and I thought she was going that way, so I was asking myself what she was doing.

Then she kinda hit the barrier of the lot with her back and seemed like she was scratching her back and then she would walk to the curb and lean forward like she was about to throw up. I thought this was really weird, and at this time I was walking towards the car already and I could hear her mumbling loudly, almost up to shouting.

And then I saw her coming my way, and I darted fast towards the car, where Lucien was sitting in. I got into the car quickly, and told him about the woman. He said that he saw her earlier too, and she was getting some free newspapers near the train depot and was beating herself with it. He thinks she was high, and getting a bad trip. As she passed the front of the car, she looked awful, her eyes were glazed over and she wasn’t walking very well. She seemed to be shaking as well.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the weekend. Lucien and I are thinking of scouting some thrift stores for some old furniture, and hopefully a piano, to keep up with our country-style/antiquey theme. We’ll see what happens.

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