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lower case letters

(in the mood for lower case letters)

still awake from last night. have been playing that darn Redmoon game, dying and losing items, but i keep going back up, kicking and screaming, errr, i mean fighting. it’s been 30 minutes since i got off the game. i was getting sleepy earlier, but now i’m wide awake again. sometimes i think it’s a bad sign when i start yawning on a game where any minute i’ll be dead by some sniper that’s around the corner. it must mean that it’s not altogether exciting for me anymore. dammit.

experimented using the adobe photoshop today. the result is on the main page of i hope it’s alright. almost everything except for the middle text is made through photoshop. i plan to experiment more, but for now this will do.

ooo, talked to arvin today! it was fun talking with him and finding him a young man instead of a young kid back in the days. i’m jealous that he went back home to the philippines. i want to go! even for just 2 weeks will be enough. i’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing lately also. it’s been awhile since i’ve been in touch with my friends back home. too long. i need some homecoming soon.

*yawn* okay, i’m yawning now so i guess i’ll go.

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