Who Moved My Cheese?!, Work Drama


Lots of changes happened the past two days. My entire department has moved offices, so we are trying hard to get things up and going while the move was taking place.

It has its moments, as I would prefer being inside a room that is quiet for a change, but then I miss the cold blast of air penetrating from under the tile floors.

Oh yeah. We have a window. :P

1 thought on “Changes”

  1. lots of love to ya

    Hi princess. I am sorry to hear that your department has moved, because it will mean chaos at work for you, for a few days, or even weeks (God forbid). I picked you up a gift here in Turkey but you will have to wait for me to send it to you since the postage is killer. It is a gift for your house. Anyway, don’t work to hard, it’s not fitting for a princess to work hard.

    Todd Sawyer

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