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Political View

I am now-and-again watching the polls on who’s going to win the Presidential Election in the Philippines. I am wishing that FPJ wouldn’t be elected president. I know it may seem a little prejudiced or biased, even discriminating, but the Philippines doesn’t need another actor to be the next president of the Philippines. It’s going to be the whole Erap regime all over again.

But how would I know? I’m not in the Philippines. I don’t know if FPJ is the right candidate or not. I don’t know the other candidates’ capabilities of being President-elect. I wouldn’t know. I’m just a Filipino seeing everything from the outside lines, and from where I’m standing, it’s not looking good.

Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But making the wrong decision now won’t make it any better later. I’m not much into politics, but even I find this a little sad.

Let’s just hope that when the counting of votes is over and done with, that the Philippines will get better, economically, politically, physically, etc.

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1 thought on “Political View”

  1. I agree with everything you said. I only wish the best for the Philippines, and the Filipino people need a break from all these traditional politicians.

    And it’s really hard to be out of the country, all you can do is hope and pray.

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