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Cruel and Scary Video

Some of my co-workers obtained a copy of Nick Berg’s beheading. *shudder*

Though I have not the guts to see it, I heard the sounds of screaming while they were playing it. Just hearing the curdling scream of desperation and terror was enough for me. I cannot bear to see it.

War is harsh and cruel. That’s all there is to it. All I can do is pray.

2 thoughts on “Cruel and Scary Video”

  1. I saw a little bit of that video on the news and it made me sick to my stomach. I can’t believe people can do that to each other…

  2. Leiza, I can’t believe I wrote Canadian. I’m so dyslexic sometimes.

    The fellow was an American. In fact, he worked in the telecommunications industry and he was over there to help set up communications. Same industry I’m in.

    I’m with you though.

    There is absolutely no way I would ever be able to stomach watching that video.

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