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I got a letter from DeCry (it’s DeVry, but I dubbed it so, because of all the hardships they have given me) in the mail today. Since I had paid off the tuition I owed them for the last term I was there, they want me back. I must be out of my mind because I am considering going back.

I’m thinking I might as well because 1) they have my transcripts and records, 2) it will take a loads and loads of paperwork to transfer schools, 3) I gotta admit they do have good classes and teachers, 4) they give us free software for school, 5) I don’t want to change schools again.

Just some factors I’m thinking about. I already filled out the Resume Application, but the thing is, I can’t go back to school until October (Fall Semester). I’ll have to talk to the registrar on Monday to find out the last term I was in school also, because I forgot. :$

To DeCry, may she always make me suffer so that I can blog about her and her “dark forces”. *toasts* :D

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