Blah, Me, Who Moved My Cheese?!

I’ve Done It

I’m fat. During the course of 9 years living in the U.S., I have gone from 100 lbs. to 160 lbs. I decided that enough is enough and have looked into a weight loss center in the area. My first appointment is on Thursday. I pray that this will be the start of a new lifestyle and a new outlook in life. Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “I’ve Done It”

  1. Leiza, this is the best news ever. I congratulate you, and wish you all the very best in this endeavor.

    Provided you lose weight sensibly and keep it off, you will become more physically, even mentally energetic, and physically stronger. Your immune system will strengthen. Further, you will significantly reduce your risk of bone carriage troubles in later years.

    No, I’m not being smug, nor do I mean to give you too much information. As you know, I’m a health geek/freekazoid, and I am rooting for you in a very positive, and meaningful way.

    You go kiddo!

    I was massive once a long time ago for about two years. Never again!

  2. One more thing before I forget. If you ever want any ideas on how to eat in such a fashion that your metabolism soars, and, or, how to make natural health foods taste scrumptiously good, and still be just as natural, healthful, and metabolism promoting as God made them, PLEASE, by all means, give me a nudge. I would be so happy to help. I would also be very happy to explain anything in the greatest of detail.

    Eating for health is a very serious business. And if you do it right, you’ll find you are pigging out often and quite perplexed as to why you don’t gain weight. And yeah, I still have my fun with the potatoe chips, and ice-cream. ;)

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