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Things That Make You Busy

Darn it. I’m alive! :P I guess I’ll just put the gists here:

– We’re planning to adopt two of my nieces. Hope that goes well.
– Playing NexusTK again. Blame Jamie. Of course, now she left me there to play MS. Bleh.
– I finished the Korean soap opera Full House season DVD in 3 days. It was good! Just too many thinking poses, though.
– My cousin told me to buy a Korean movie called “My Sassy Girl.” She said that even guys cry at this one, so I can’t wait to see it. Maybe Lucien will cry. :P

That’s about it, I guess. It’s not long I know. Sorry.

4 thoughts on “Things That Make You Busy”

  1. My Sassy Girl is good.
    A guy friend and my oh-I-hate-CJK-drama-or-movie brother recommend it too.
    That’s why I bought the VCD.

  2. Leiza, I know a fellow who adopted one niece. Very special. He’s putting her through uni now. That’s very, very nice and decent of you. And knowing what I do of you, I just know you all are going to have a ball of fun! :D

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