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Satellite TV is Evil, but DVR is Good

Remember Well, I was channel-changing looking for things to watch for on TV one day. I saw a video of a band I don’t know (found out now that the band’s name is All-American Rejects) but they were singing about ‘secrets’ and they were showing all, or almost all, the postcards sent to the site. I think it’s awesome the site is getting exposure but, at the same time, I’m envious. It’s one of those things I wish I thought of the idea first. Sigh. I know my day will come.

Speaking of thinking up on ideas or inventions, Lucien and I unofficially play a game of thinking up of stuff that will make things better. Like one of those informercial thingies. It’s funny what we come up with, but for the moment, I don’t remember what they are. Maybe I should write it down. Knowing me, I would lose interest soon.

I’m bad in keeping projects. I usually start on one with gusto, enthusiasm and diligence, but I would lose interest quick. I think the reason why is that I don’t set too much of my priorities straight as far as hobbies go. I have too much that I want to do. Cross-stitching, reading, writing, model-building, painting, etcetera, etcetera. I think the only thing I do properly is reading.

Been addicted to Stargate SG-1 lately. Ever since we got the Satellite TV and DVR, I made it a point to record all of the episodes to catch up on what I missed. I’m glad they still have the series going until now on Sci-Fi, though I’m not too partial on the new Colonel. I miss the old cast. At least 2 or 3 of them are still there. Unfotunately, I haven’t been too enthusiastic in recording other series. Shows like CSI (which I should since I watch it every chance I get), Charmed, and Smallville. I don’t know. Everytime I try to record them, I opt to delete them afterwards, not watching them. It’s weird.

Well, that’s how my life is going right now. That’s why I’m not writing too much lately, because I’m boring and pretty much everything is the same. Heh.

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Things That Make You Busy

Darn it. I’m alive! :P I guess I’ll just put the gists here:

– We’re planning to adopt two of my nieces. Hope that goes well.
– Playing NexusTK again. Blame Jamie. Of course, now she left me there to play MS. Bleh.
– I finished the Korean soap opera Full House season DVD in 3 days. It was good! Just too many thinking poses, though.
– My cousin told me to buy a Korean movie called “My Sassy Girl.” She said that even guys cry at this one, so I can’t wait to see it. Maybe Lucien will cry. :P

That’s about it, I guess. It’s not long I know. Sorry.

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Full House, yay!

This will sound funny, but I did a research to find the Korean drama series, Full House, on Google. I found one that had English subtitles, but then it cost close to a $100. Ouch! It’s a little too steep for me, compared to buying another Korean drama series for only half the price in the Philippines.

However, my research prevailed when I saw an eBay auction for even less than $50. Jackpot! And I was also fortunate enough to bid on it just a few seconds before it closed! Woohoo! I just hope that it’s all legit when I get it…I just want to see if what I won was the one I have been wanting.

Even little things make me so happy. :P

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Slacking, As Usual

Sorry for not updating since Day 6. I did mention that it was going to be busy.

As some of you are already aware, I’m back in the U.S…arrived last Monday. Technically, I was back in the U.S. last Sunday (in NY), but didn’t get back to Dallas till Monday. During the last couple of days of the trip, I caught some sort of bug, and I didn’t succumb to it totally until the day I got home. Since then, I’ve been under the weather and in bed, sleeping it off. Right now, back at work, I’m still not feeling up to par, but getting there.

I guess, right now, I’ll give a gist of what happened the remainder of my trip:

Day 7 & 8 – That night we did a bunch of rehearsing for the upcoming event. It was also getting together days with other relatives. Can you believe there are 40 of us in all in the immediate family? It boggles the mind.

Day 9 – We had a one-day family outing to a place called Villa Escudero. It was an old plantation that they made into a resort park. It was interesting also to find an old church in there filled with different antiques. They even had an old love letter written in the deepest Tagalog I have ever read. They could’ve done better as far as preservation of the artifacts (some of the old pictures were deteriorating). The place also had a restaurant where you could dip your feet in the water while you eat. A nearby waterfall was also a treat, for both children and adults.

Day 10 through 13 – Luci, my mom, my nephew Jorvin and I went to Banaue (also known as Banawe) to see the famous Rice Terraces, the 8th Wonder of the World. The hotel we stayed in overlooked the terraces and it’s always an amazing sight especially when you see them first thing in the morning. I was quite disappointed with the weather, though. Being in the mountains, we were told it would be a lot cooler than Manila, but it wasn’t even cool enough to give me a chill.

Also, I had the misfortune of tripping and grazing my knee before the trip, so my movements were limited though I did go up and down one of the cave sites we went to in Sagada, another town we went to for their famous hanging coffins. This picture was the exact place we went to. The way down was treacherous and you really have to use both hands to climb up and down most times. Of course, I had trouble but, I’m proud to say, I managed to do it.

Day 14 & 15 – Back to work for the event. This time, we went to a recording studio to record most of the songs we needed for the big day. It was also a chance to have all of my siblings, nephews, nieces, etc. together in an album full of Filipino folk songs and ballads.

Day 16 & 17 – I don’t know what we did during these days, but I do know that ever since I came back from Banaue, I was hooked to a local telenovela or soap opera called Full House. Actually, it’s a Korean soap opera, dubbed in Tagalog. :P My sibs keep laughing at me because of this, but I can’t help it because the story is so good. :) I even went and bought the complete season VCD of another Korean soap opera dubbed in Tagalog called Endless Love. I’m also waiting till the Full House one has come out with its complete season VCD so I can buy it. I even asked my sister back in the Philippines to let me know when it comes out. I laugh at myself by doing this, but I can’t help it, hehehehe.

Day 18 – Day before the big day. We finally get our outfits for the event, but still needed a little alteration on part of it. There was a little melodrama that went on that I can’t share since I don’t know most of the story (must be the soap operas I’ve been watching! :P), but later on, everything was okay.

Day 19 – Finally, the big day! I think I spent most of the time on my feet than sitting down as we did a lot of performing and other stuff for our grandparents. I hope they loved every minute of it. :) By the end of the day, I was dead beat, but then it was also the last day before we left for home, so almost all the sibs spent the night at our hotel room until we left for the morning. My sister Jeanne did a very touching speech followed by a likewise touching prayer.

Day 20 – That morning was the day we left for the airport. My other sister Leke and hubby already went ahead of us since they had an earlier flight.

That’s about it. Also some tidbits that went on during the trip: had some work done on my teeth, bought some contacts before the big day came, Luci lost his eyeglasses in Banaue so we had to get another pair made, watched Star Wars (of course!), I got together with a couple of my bestest friends in New York (Luke and Gayle) and had a short jamming session, and so on. I also learned that my mom and my sister Leke caught the bug also on their return to Dallas, so I wasn’t alone. Just wish it didn’t happen, though, because now I’m feeling tired all the time. Just hope I get better the next few days.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my somewhat summarized version of my trip to the Philippines. It still left me hanging, though. 3 weeks is too short of a stay. Oh well, someday, Luci and I will be back.

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Sleeping Early and Late-Night Movies

I guess I’ll try to post daily again. It’s been a while since I’ve done that.

Last night, I was so sleepy that I slept at 8pm, right after the show Charmed. I don’t know what came over me, but I was so tired. Unfortunately, it didn’t last because I woke up at 11:30pm. Lucien was like me, slept at the same time and woke up the same time.

We were so wide awake that we had a little snack, and decided to watch our The Fellowship Of The Ring DVD. Throughout the middle of the movie, our DVD player broke down on us. We have had this player ever since the first DVDs came out and it was this day that it gave up the ghost.

So, we did an impromptu decision and went to Wal-Mart and bought us a new DVD player (good thing they are cheaper and smaller now than it was), another DVD (The Return Of The King), and a DVD cleaner (just in case). At this time, it was 2:30am. Yes, we are weird, hehehe.

After setting up the new DVD player, we continued to watch the movie. It was almost 6am by the time the movie finished. That is the longest movie I have ever watched.

I think this was the reason why I have a headache now.

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Hey, You, It’s Been A While

Yes, it has been a while. I just don’t have anything interesting to post about. If I said that I had a few minor troubles in one of the websites I’m working on, you’d be bored in a heartbeat. So yeah. Nothing interesting. But maybe this time I have something.

Remember that blood donation day? I still have that bruise on my arm. Though healing nicely, my arm looks a little suspicious to an untrained eye. It’s a good thing that I have long sleeves that I can wear until the bruise heals up for good.

Have been trying to get into Smallville lately, as they have Lois Lane in the cast (no clue for how long). I was fortunate enough to tape the season premiere and it was cool to see Clark Kent fly! :)

Had some talks about God with a co-worker again today. I am truly convinced that this dude could be a preacher; he talks up a storm! And he makes good points as well. Made me think, too. Is there such a thing as ‘pre-destiny’?

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Tae-Bo and Emotions

I have 4 tapes of Tae-Bo in my videotape rack gathering dust. I bought it way back when Tae-Bo was really popular, thinking I would use the tapes to help exercise. Yeah, right. Like I would really use them, huh? Because I didn’t.

Oddly enough, I picked up the Tae-Bo 8-Minute Workout last night. I mean, why not? So, I put it in the tape player and started it. I gotta tell you, 8 minutes of hard-pumping is really good, but then make sure that you stretch before doing this. Believe me, I know. *groans*

I’m thinking, though, with my busy schedule like this, I will still have time even for just 8 minutes. I think I’ll try this out for a month and see where it gets me.

I’m just an emotional wreck lately. Today I cried over a little thing…not even meant to be cried over. I don’t know why I do this, but the tears just keep coming. *sigh*

Nonsensical fact of the day: A human brain weighs about 3 lbs.

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I have been watching the new Sentai (Power Rangers) series that’s popular in Japan right now: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. Deka means Detective, as so I’ve been told.

It looks good…but it was nothing compared to my old favorite: CHODENSHI BIOMAN. I’m probaby biased because that was the Sentai series I grew up watching.

So, yeah…that’s what has been occupying me for the week mostly.

In other news, it’s strange how last week, when I only had 3 days to work, seemed longer than this week.

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..Back. Daily grind.

..I’m still not done unpacking.

..I didn’t linger on the computer last weekend.

..I feel so restless.

..I laughed my guts out watching WB’S SUPERSTAR USA. I feel sad for the singers at the same time.

..My right leg hurts.

..I feel sorry for Lani (my Pom), but we had to shave off her hair for the summer.

..Lucien spent the weekend with me. Woot!

..Shaved Lucien’s hair again.

..I want to play AO, but I don’t know if I have time to hunt. I’ll do it anyways.

..Must. Have. Rootbeer.