Me, Random, TV


..Back. Daily grind.

..I’m still not done unpacking.

..I didn’t linger on the computer last weekend.

..I feel so restless.

..I laughed my guts out watching WB’S SUPERSTAR USA. I feel sad for the singers at the same time.

..My right leg hurts.

..I feel sorry for Lani (my Pom), but we had to shave off her hair for the summer.

..Lucien spent the weekend with me. Woot!

..Shaved Lucien’s hair again.

..I want to play AO, but I don’t know if I have time to hunt. I’ll do it anyways.

..Must. Have. Rootbeer.

2 thoughts on “Randomness”

  1. hurry up

    lol…you must unpack, you must unpack, you must unpack, lol. One day you will finish no hurry though, after all it is a house you will live in for a long time. Oh yeah if you like root beer, I question as to why you did not have a root beer float? Any way take care and remember that your life is supposed to be fun.

    Prince ToddA

    1. Re: hurry up

      Hello, my prince! Having fun in Turkey? :D

      I’ll probably finished by the time we’ve lived there for 5 years. LOL!

      Why didn’t I have rootbeer float? Because there was no vanilla ice cream at work. Rootbeer was enough. ;)

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