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I know, I know, I haven’t had the energy to write on the journal.

Mainly, because:
1. I’m lazy and inconsiderate.
2. I’m lazy.
3. I’m lazy.
4. I’m lazy.
5. Did I say: I’m lazy?

Yeah. Also, the fact that I’ve been game searching again. *smirks at * I’ve been avoiding AO all week, even though I said I wanted to play it Monday. I’ve found a couple of new free RPG games, but they only took me so far in gaining my full attention.

I did, however, work on a new layout for KaLiGrafix , though. Well, yeah, it’s not my layout, but it’s a new one. I was lazy (again) in making one. *sigh*

Stressing out on money matters lately, and one of my sisters back home is asking for help in financing one of my nephews’ tuition. *groan* Since money is tight this month, I don’t know.

Am looking into the U.S. Citizenship again. I finished filling out the application, but have to read up still on what else to do.

1 thought on “Missing”

  1. Yes, yes, I’m guilty of searching for new games all of the time. But you’re the biggest game-a-holic I’ve ever met.

    I’m sure of it. ;D

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