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Dream 4.29.15

I’ll format this later but I just wanted to post it before I forget. Mind you it was only 15 since I took a nap. Woke up remembering this:

I was working in an open area floor but with still the same coworkers. We had some sort of intertwined bicycle-train-like-chairs where you can sorta stand up on or take a seat. Each day, you can go around it and ride it to give some stress relief or just plain enjoyment to get out of the mundaneness of work. So we were riding this with a few of my coworkers and we would go around the open area that surrounds the work cubicles. Also motivating the guys still working. I was riding in the far back and the guy in front is sorta the one who runs this “train” but other riders can support him/her by using the pedals on each seat. I was just thinking that one of my coworkers S should ride this today because she always like to move around and not stay in her cubicle all day. The guy in front was running the train pretty fast and I had to hold on real tight. I was somewhat holding on to another coworker in front of me but then it was going faster so I had to hold on to the metal bars in front of me. And of course it was better faster so we all helped out pedaling. But then the dude up front did a somewhat sharp turn and tangled up the “cars” of the train and he sorta hopped off. The rest of us were trying to untangle the train cars.

And then I woke up. 

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Shave of the Year

Shaved 4/3/14, with the help of hubby.
Shaved 4/3/14, with the help of hubby.

Well, here I am, telling you why I shaved my head. When I posted something on my Twitter/FB feed a while back, most people have responded with shock and surprise, and asked questions like, “Why did you do that?!” or “What on earth made you think to shave your hair?!”

I can answer with two words: “Why not?”

I’m not as crazy as what Britney Spears did back in 2007, nor am I going to defend it as in observance to breast cancer awareness or even say it is for Kid’s Cancer Buzz Off fundraising. I must admit, though, that I have made that same excuse about the breast cancer awareness thing, and I was planning to do the buzz off event (which isn’t until May 4th), but I didn’t want to give a false impression or even insult those that have actually done the deed for their cause, and I had no time to do the actual fundraising for the buzz off (though I might try it next year if they are having one, and I would be better prepared).

My pixie-style wig. I've been getting some nice compliments on this one. :)
My pixie-style wig. I’ve been getting some nice compliments on this one. :)

Why did I do it? Number of reasons (excuses?). I’ve been complaining of the summer heat (years ago) that I want to shave my hair off. I’ve been wanting to shave it for the sake of getting the thinness of the hair thicker as it grows back. I wanted to see if I had any bald spots, because of the same thinness of my hair. I wanted to see what the shape of my head looks like. I wanted to see what I looked like with  no hair. I just wanted to do it, that’s all.

Many may say, “..but all that hair…”, but I’m reassured my hair will grow back, as it has been a couple of weeks already and my hair has grown almost half an inch. My mother told me hair grows an inch a month, so maybe in 6 months or hopefully less than that, my hair will be back to a decent length.

Bob-style wig, but I think it makes me look like Edna Mode from The Incredibles animated movie.
Bob-style wig, but I think it makes me look like Edna Mode from The Incredibles animated movie.

Don’t worry, I have a couple of wigs to use, a bob style and a very short pixie style. My loving husband actually helped me shave my head before I shaved his for his monthly haircut. He really liked my how my shaved head looked and would rather I not use a wig at all.

Of course, I don’t want to shock many people so I use my pixie-cut wig at work on weekdays. I also use a little cap to cover up if I don’t feel like wearing the wig.

There you have it. I hope this explains why I did what I did. I just wanted to. And for the adventure of it! *winks*

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Dream 3.10.14

Had another weird dream:

Dani was hunting a cat for breakfast. Not a tiger or a panther, but an actual house cat. She actually stabbed it with a spear and she had a makeshift shield as well.

We seemed to be stranded somewhere like an island. I was with someone but I don’t remember who, and we were watching her.

I shouted at Dani, “What are you doing? You’re going to get breakfast at daycare anyway!”

And then I woke up. Welcome to Spring break! :)

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I Miss Sushi

I can’t believe that I haven’t had sushi since the start of my pregnancy. I’m not talking about the California Rolls kind of sushi. I’m talking about raw-fish-in-my-gut sushi. I also miss sashimi. *drool* Soon, though, soon (my precioussss).

I’m losing weight. Whee! I haven’t checked on the scale yet, but I might be down to either 140-150 lbs right now. Try comparing that to my 181-lb goodness before Dani came out into the world. I should lose more weight in the days to come. :)

We have another nickname for Dani: Chipmunk. She makes these little grunting noises when she stretches and Luci remarked that she sounded like a chipmunk. We’ll have to catch her on video one of these days. Stay tuned for that.

Luci’s back at work. It wasn’t really that bad doing stuff on my own. I thought it was even easier without Luci fussing around Dani and I. Dani even slept a good 4 hours with me last night.

Someone emailed me about my I Have Cramps website because she googled around about cramps and thought how funny the site’s name was. Hehe, I love how people react to the name. :)

Anyway, enough of my randomness. Later.